A Curious Angel

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My frist time hunting for the super supernatural

Submitted: July 28, 2018

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Submitted: July 28, 2018



 Hello, my name is Samantha and I am an angel. Now it’s not what you think, we aren’t just gods slaves and we aren’t super kind and thoughtful, a lot of us are assholes. Now I could go into all the details of what is really true but that’s not what I am here for. I am extremely interested in how humans can think up super terrifying creatures and that’s kind of where I was hooked, what if they weren’t made up. So being an angel I can “teleport” along with other things that are neat. I decided to travel around and search for some of these things and places, I’m not even entirely sure how some of these “monsters” even came to exist like, I’ve been alive for a long time and yet there is still so many things I don’t know about.


  Well I decided to come here to tell some of my stories, as you can imagine me being really really old I have plenty. The first one I wanna tell is about this weird phenomenon where mostly dead people would come back. Yes there are already things I know about that do that but these would come back with contorted bodies. At first I just thought maybe someone just changed up the zombie thing but holy shit was I wrong. 


  So me being the curious angel I am decided to look all over the Earth for these creatures, of course lots of it was just stories and rumors that just lead to dead ends, but I found somewhere in Kentucky where I got what I was looking for. There was a small town I won’t name just to try and make up for all the shit angels have done like the Titanic, sorry about that, anyways I was at a bar that had a western theme, I love those, and I was asking around and there was this young man with nice dark hair sitting at a booth with his wife. They seemed like a nice couple. I walked over to his booth, and I honestly probably ruined a nice date but anyways, I walked over and knelt down at the edge of there table, immediately I could sense a feeling of anxiety from him.


 I put on my nicest face and said 

“I know this is weird but have you heard any weird stories about,  uhhh like weird distorted humans?”

As soon and I said it, his face changed from a forced look of interest to a slightly horrified look. 

“Why are you asking?”

He said in a soft but shaken, his wife seemed to become worried as well so I knew they knew something. 

“Just curious is all.”

“Well I suggest you stop.”

He says scooting out of the booth

“Why’s that?” 

 I stand up and giving him room to exit

“You’re gonna get yourself hurt. You look like you have a nice life so just stop looking.”


 This next part was a little bit aggressive but I’d been searching for a long time and finally found something. I shot my hand up to his head and began reading looking through his head for anything about them. And I found it, one memory stood out I could feel a strong fear so I went to it. It was dark in the woods exactly like you’d think with this weird dead patch of grass that formed a medium open sized open field in a circle that was really odd and what got my attention, dead grass usually means weird things. I wasn’t sure what he was doing in the woods but I could feel his fear and sadness, he was crying and aimlessly running.


 Not wanting to spoil the surprise of the monster, I lifted my hand from his head causing him to pass out. His wife froze, her mouth wide open, her face pale. 


I said, I tapped her head erasing the memory of this from her and her husband head trying again, to be nice, then flew out, well teleported to the place where he was. I probably causing a bit of a mess at the restaurant but I was too excited to care. If you knew them, I suggest not bringing that up, that might be dangerous.


 Now obviously he could’ve been running from anything but I had a good feeling about this place, well a bad feeling actually. A feeling of unease took over me and my “angel senses” were tingling (yes angles like spider man) something that wasn’t supposed to exist was here something really dark which not gonna lie kinda worried me. I could tell this is where he was, I remember the trees and the odd patch of dead grass, though I could see more since the sun was still out. Now this was the first time I had ever felt this kind of darkness so I was a little on edge. I started walking towards the dead grass and as soon as I put a foot into it I could hear something, sliding a crossed  the ground heading towards me. I scan the area while reaching for my knife, I see something running, well kinda running, at a fast speed at me, it’s face blurry like it’s out of focus it arms twisted in awkward ways it legs moving too fast for the bent shapes they are in, theres another one crawling on the ground slightly slower but still making a decent pace. I got ready for them to jump at me yet as they got close they slowed to a stop and just stared at me.


 While they were this close I could see more details, they were both bald and very pale, like a light pink color, the standing one had an exposed ulna on it’s right arm and the arm was twisted so it was facing the wrong way, it’s left arm was bent at the humerus but it wasn’t popping through the skin, the torso was covered with a shirt of some kind but it was covered in mud and seemed to have sticks poking at the edges possibly ribs the legs appeared the be completely shattered, shaking and making awful grinding noises do to the bones rubbing together, the face was still blurred like a bad picture but everything else was clear. The crawling one seemed to have no bones below the waist and the bones it had were definitely not doing to good, it crawled on it’s back his arms and neck contorted backwards, it also had a blurred face and was making a low groaning noise, like it was in pain or something.


 I stared at them waiting for them to do something but they just starred at me. I was honestly freaked out but not enough to run, just because they were made my something unfamiliar doesn’t mean I can’t kill them. I raised my foot to take another step and the standing one seemed to move way to fast and was right in my face, to fast for even me to react. It was no more than an a few inches away from my face, I grip my blade tightly ready to shove it into the things gut. I stared at it for a while trying to focus on it’s face but I couldn’t do it, it was sill blurry. 

“What are you?” 

I said in a stern voice trying to let them know I wasn’t just some unprepared victim. The bones of them both cracked as they moved around seemingly in response to me but I couldn’t tell if that was true or not.


 The things just stayed there staring at me for about 13 minutes, waiting for me to get all the way in the field. I back up out of the circle and the creatures stay there never leaving it, as if they were stuck, I’m pretty sure they were. At this point I wasn’t sure if trying to kill them was a good idea but I’m a little obsessed with fights. I walked into the circle the creatures started grinding there bones and shaking quickly as if trying to scare me. I put my hand on the standing ones head going to smite it, which was a horrible idea, it bit my hand and pushed me onto the ground at insane speeds. The crawling one began chewing at my legs while I tried to push my knife into the other ones throat. The creatures where strong for having an obviously lack of stable bones but not strong enough. I pushed up with my hips allowing me to grab the exposed ulna from the one on top of me and put it through it’s own skull and thankfully that was enough, it fell over as I shoved it off, the one biting into my leg was at my bone which hurt more than I’d hoped. I grabbed it by the neck and pulled it off my leg taking a nice chunk of me with it and used my free hand to slam my knife into his skull, this one had a lot more give than the other as if it skull was also broken.


 I tossed it’s body over and stood up using some angel mojo to get all the nasty dirt and mud off me, thank god I can’t get infections. I looked at the wound on my leg and my hand running my hands over them healing some of the wounds yet for some reason they left marks, my first scars ever, which was weird because I have had my arm ripped off and you can’t even tell so those definitely were something powerful. I looked at the dead bodies, faces still blurry, I never figured out what they were or why there faces were like that. Honestly I was kinda disappointed with how easy it was to kill them after but also glad I got to find out something like this really does exist, who knows how many more there were.


 Well that was the first time I ever did a search for the super super natural, weird broken creatures are a bit weirder than a man who turns into a wolf. Sorry for the bad writing being an angel doesn’t involve much creative writing time. Anyways I hope you enjoyed and if any other angels are reading this please don’t tell Naomi she will get pissed at me and probably try to kill me again.

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