Insomnia Club - Day 1 (Marcus' Story)

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You've now heard Jake's story - we now turn to see what Marcus has to say about his day. Find out about the bizarre dynamic between Jake's group and Marcus' group, find out the extremes to which
they drive their insanity; most importantly, find out how the stories intertwine with each other.

Submitted: July 28, 2018

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Submitted: July 28, 2018



(We see a gang of 12th Graders at the airport going on their graduation trip to Bangkok. There are a total of 95 students in the grade, out of which 80 students have decided to go on this graduation trip together, for 4 days and 3 nights. The students have all checked in and are on the flight. We see Jake sitting next to Marcus and Tori on the flight from Singapore to Bangkok)

MARCUS - (Narration) Oh hey! This is Marcus. I'm not sure if Jake and Tori published their stories yet; I'm just gonna lay out my version of what happened on Day 1. Clever choice to choose me, to be honest. My social group is clearly dysfunctional; we've got two couples, two club guardians, and random fun people in between. Just to clear the air, a club guardian is someone who you can rely on to get you back to your room safely. It's kinda like a travel insurance, except it's your buddy who's busting his ass out to get you back safe and sound; that's me and Matt.

I'm not good with the background, I'm just gonna say it's our graduation trip. I busted my ass off for two fucking years in this curriculum called the IB Diploma. I don't know if you're one of the victims - if you're an A Levels or AP Student, kill yourself. I'm just gonna jump right into the part when we're on the plane and ready to leave for Bangkok; I know.

MARCUS - Out of all the 50 rows on this flight, we just happened to have gotten seats on the 2nd row.

JAKE - I know right.

TORI - Do you guys mind? (On the phone)

MARCUS - Sure?

(Tori continues to talk on the phone. After a good two hours journey to Bangkok the gang land and get on a coach bus to the resort. They've now reached the resort after an hour drive from the airport)

MATTHEW - Dude get the keys, will you?

MARCUS - Sure, bozo.

MATTHEW - Fuck off, dude (chuckles).

NED - Where do we go for lunch?

UMAIR - That outdoor restaurant.

NED - Cool, catch you there.

[Scene 2]

(At the lunch table in the restaurant)

PALAK - This resort is sick, you guys!

ABIGAIL - It's got everything.

KIMBERLEY - Ay c'mon, you said the same thing about those shitty dorms in our expedition trip.

VICKY - Hahaha (laughs) dead!

AMANDA - It was okay, to be honest.

UMAIR - Yeah right, Matthew almost got alcohol at their duty free.

MARCUS - Actually, what a dick. You know there were teacher chaperones along with us.

MATTHEW - Mate this was Indonesia, no one gives a fuck there (chuckles).

NED - What was the phrase for welcome?

UMAIR - Teri Ma Kasih! (laughs).

NED - Apparently this Indian guy gets it.

UMAIR - (Laughs) In Hindi bro, that first part is kind of funny.

NED - What does it mean?

UMAIR - It's like 'your mum'.

SHIRLEY - That's it?

UMAIR - It doesn't work for direct translations.

SHIRLEY - Whatever (chuckles)....all I remember is you lost your shit when you heard that.

(everyone laughs)

UMAIR - Sure, guys.

SOPHIA - What're we planning for today?

NED - Are we clubbing tonight?

MATTHEW - Oh dude! We have to!

MARCUS - Sure, mate, sober up before then.

MATTHEW - I haven't had anything yet.

MARCUS - No I mean, we're hitting the booze off until then.

MATTHEW - Ayy! (high fives him).

NED - I'll drink at the club.

MARCUS - Ay! Fuck off dude, try it with us.

SOPHIA - We're gonna spend time together for a while.

UMAIR - You got plans? Hmm?

NED - Fuck off, Umair (chuckles).

UMAIR - Just saying, bro (chuckles).

[Scene 3]

(Ned and Sophia are off spending time together in the resort with Umair and Shirley. Vicky is in his room watching the champions league game. The rest are hanging out in Marcus' room; booze)

AMANDA - Dude where is he?

MARCUS - Relax, he'll be back. He's probably searching for the right booze.

ABIGAIL - 16 breezers, 1 bottle of whiskey, and 1 bottle of vodka, that's it!

MARCUS - Peyton, calm her down will you? (chuckles).

KIMBERLEY - Yeah Abby (chuckles).

(Matthew enters the room with the booze)

MATTHEW - Look who's back?

AMANDA - Ay!! Matt Pratt!

MATTHEW - Fuck you, Amanda (chuckles).

ABIGAIL - Get the bottle opener!

MARCUS - Abby, pace yourself. It's 4 in the evening now, and this is all we're gonna do till 11.

ABIGAIL - That's it? We'll run out of booze!

KIMBERLEY - No, then there's drama, which'll take time to endure.

ABIGAIL - That'll just be for an hour.

PEYTON - Hey! I got food! Keep munching, you guys.

MATTHEW - Peyton's ready for this stuff (laughs).


(Matthew whips out his packet of cigarettes)

MARCUS - Already?

MATTHEW - It's been a long day, bro.

MARCUS - The flight was 3 hours.

MATTHEW - It's long, mate.

MARCUS - The fuck? (chuckles) You look like a panda, and you act like one now (laughs).

MATTHEW - Eat whiskey, you pretentious piece of shit.

KIMBERLEY - You don't eat whiskey, you drink it.

ALL - Hahahaha (Laughs).

[Scene 4]

(We are in Vicky's room now; he's watching the champions league finals)

VICKY - Oh no! Fucking Benzema.

RYAN - (Walks into his room) Hey mate? What's up?

VICKY - Sit down! We're losing!

RYAN - Are you shitting me? Dude I hate Real Madrid.

VICKY - They've already won so many titles in this league! Would it kill for Liverpool to play better?

(Minutes later)

RYAN - Oh! Dude!!

VICKY - Aha! Yeah motherfucker! Mané's got it! finally! We can still do this!

(Ryan gets a phone call)

RYAN - Hello? Babe I'm at Vicky's.....nah I'm watching the finals. Just wait another hour I'll be there - I need to see this game, love you (drops the call).

VICKY - Emily?

RYAN - Yeah man. They're making plans for tonight.

VICKY - Clubbing right?

RYAN - Nah that's done, she wants to talk about tomorrow.

VICKY - Ah okay.

[Scene 5]

(Ned and Sophia, along with Umair and Shirley. They're talking about the days after the graduation trip)

SOPHIA - Where you off to?

NED - Madison.

SOPHIA - University of Wisconsin?

NED - Yep.

SOPHIA - Wow, not bad. We can easily catch up in between.

NED - You're going to UT Austin right?

SOPHIA - Yeah babe.

NED - (Hugs her) Going to be a whole new ball game after this.

UMAIR - Can you not talk about university right now?

NED - What's wrong?

UMAIR - Live in the moment.

SHIRLEY - Hey c'mon, it's still a good university.

NED - Yeah Umair, um...where you going to?


SOPHIA - Dude that's amazing!

UMAIR - It's fucking expensive. With that kinda money I could save Greece's economy instead.

NED - What?! (laughs).

SHIRLEY - forty thousand bucks, that's a shit ton.

SOPHIA - Dude American universities rip us off even more.

UMAIR - Why the fuck do you turds still want to go to the US?

NED - It's our choice, dude.

UMAIR - Just saying...shit's pretty rough with tangerine in office.

SHIRLEY - Babe, please.

[Scene 6]

(Meanwhile in Marcus' room; the girls are piss drunk, Marcus and Matthew are managing the drama scenes)

ABIGAIL - Marcus.

MARCUS - What.

ABIGAIL - If I push the wall, then why doesn't it push me back?

MARCUS - The fuck are you on about?

ABIGAIL - Newton's equal and opposite reaction.

MATTHEW - Hahaha! (laughs) that's enough rum for you.

ABIGAIL - Dude genuine question.

MARCUS - Yes, and genuinely don't remind me of Physics.

MATTHEW - Dude, where's Peyton?

(They hear vomitting in the bathroom)

MARCUS - Of course.

(Marcus walks into the bathroom and finds vomit on the floor, and Peyton in the bathtub)

MARCUS - The fuck is this?

PEYTON - I-It's okay, I just missed the sink.

MARCUS - You had so many options; puke in the toilet, the sink, or in the bathtub. You fucking puked on the floor.

PEYTON - I missed the target, Markie.

MARCUS - Did you eat anything before drinking?

PEYTON - Mentos.


MATTHEW - Ay! Marcus! Check this out!

(Marcus comes to his attention to find Kimberley and Abigail licking each other's feet)

MARCUS - Oh no...(grossed out).

MATTHEW - Hehehe (gets excited).

MARCUS - What kinda foot fetish can I find on your browser history?

MATTHEW - Dude it's funny! (chuckles).

(Matthew snapchat's the whole scene)

MARCUS - It's 7:30 right now.

KIMBERLEY - Havana, ooh na na!

ABIGAIL - Have of my heart is in Havana ooh na na!

MARCUS - I'm getting so much comedy material right now.

MATTHEW - You wanna....

MARCUS - Yes, please.

(Marcus and Matthew are now rolling a joint)

MATTHEW - I'm so high, I could give the lord a high five.

MARCUS - Hahahah! (laughs)

[Scene 7]

(After dinner; the guys meet at the resort's front entrance)

UMAIR - You guys ready?!

MATTHEW - Fuck yeah!

SHIRLEY - Where's Sophia?

SOPHIA - Here! Here!

NED - Babe, where is it?

SOPHIA - Here (gives back his phone).

NED - Stop messing with my Snapchat.

MARCUS - Hahaha (laughs at Ned's Story).

NED - (Looks at his story) Motherfucker, who's turd is this?

MATTHEW - Hahahaha!! (laughs).

AMANDA - I'm okay!

ABIGAIL - We know.

KIMBERLEY - Anyone wanna place bets before going?

PEYTON - All in for Abigail.

VICKY - Shirley.

SHIRLEY - Shut up, Vicky (chuckles).

[Scene 8]

(At the club entrance; Sam is right about Marcus and his gang coming)

SAM - You need extra guys for entry?

MARCUS - Nope, we're okay. Jake! What's up!

(Marcus and Jake high five)

MARCUS - Drinking?

JAKE - Yep.

MARCUS - Yes!! It's gonna be sick.

BELLA - Well that just means two of you can go back.

(They pay the entry fees and go inside; everyone's partying)

NED - Ay! Jake!

(Ned and Jake hug)

JAKE - How's it going, bro?

NED - Going good, mate. Wow I think we made it a bit early.

JAKE - (Looks around) there's only three circles right now (chuckles).

MARCUS - Ay! Drinks?

NED - Yup.

JAKE - You new to this too?

NED - Yeah.

JAKE - Sweet!

MARCUS - Ate something?

JAKE - Yes.

MARCUS - Alright cool. Remember, pace yourself. This isn't like drinking water. When I say 'stop' you better stop drinking. Normally it'll be after 2 drinks.

NED - Cool. One Shot!

MARCUS - Oh! Right off the bat!

NED - Hahaha (chuckles).

JAKE - I'll have what you're having.

MARCUS - 2 Whiskeys mixed with sprite, and 1 shot. Guys that's 1200 Baht per drink.

(The guys pay up and have a drink)

MARCUS - Ay!!! How is it?

JAKE - It's sick!

MARCUS - Hahaha (chuckles and high fives Jake). There you go Neddie boi!

NED - Hahaha that was good stuff.

(The guys and the crowd have come in; the dance floor is now packed and the folks are having a good time)

[Scene 9]

(Abigail, Peyton, and Shirley are now drunk dancing in their circle)

NED - Dude they're wasted.

JAKE - Haha I know bro.

MARCUS - Matt! Matt!

AMANDA - Dude, he's calling you.

MATTHEW - What's up!!

MARCUS - Get a hold of Shirley!

MATTHEW - Got it!

(They guys continue to dance and enjoy; Marcus and Matthew now begin their 'police' duty)

MARCUS - This is where things get really out of hand.

JAKE - Ah I see.

MARCUS - Abby! Peyton! You girls are done!

PEYTON - The fuck did you just say?!

ABIGAIL - Hey! Hey! Talk to the face, not to my teeth.

MARCUS - The teeth? That's the drunkest thing I've ever heard.

NED - Hahahaha! (Laughs).

JAKE - (Laughs) Dead!

SOPHIA - Ned get a drink, will you?

NED - Sure babe.

(Ned buys Sophia a Corona Beer; Jake closely observes the drunk nature of Abigail, Peyton, and Shirley)

MARCUS - Matt! Time!

MATTHEW - 12:40!

(Marcus gives him the thumbs up; Jake is reminded to leave the club, but he's having a great time)

UMAIR - What happened, mate?

JAKE - Nah nothing.

UMAIR - Hahaha (continues dancing).

(Abigail, Peyton, and Shirley are dancing in the center of the circle)

UMAIR - Dude they're wasted, do something.

MARCUS - Shirley's your girl, do something.

UMAIR - I thought Matt's handling it.

MARCUS - Well now he's out taking a puff. Take the wheel!

UMAIR - Shirley, no more!

SHIRLEY - Heh? I can't hear you!

MARCUS - You dumb fuck, you can't be diplomatic to tipsy people.

UMAIR - She's my girl!

MARCUS - Fuck it! She's wasted tonight. She ain't gonna remember shit in the morning.

UMAIR - No more drinks! You slut!

(Abigail and Peyton get triggered and start attacking Umair)

ABIGAIL - The fuck did you just call her?

UMAIR - None of your business.

PEYTON - You take that back, Ahab!

UMAIR - Why bring Ahab into this shit?

NED - (Chuckles) What an ass.

JAKE - Tell me about it.

MARCUS - This is why we need single folks like Matt.

[Scene 10]

VICKY - You owe me one, Abigail!

ABIGAIL - Apples!

MARCUS - Make way! Make way! Jake, help me get Shirley back to her room.

JAKE - Alright cool. Listen, Matt! Keep an eye on these guys.

MATTHEW - Alright, cool.

(Jake and Marcus leave the club to drop Shirley in her room)

MARCUS - What's up with those girls?

JAKE - Dude they're wasted.

MARCUS - All four of them?

JAKE - They're hanging out with Anna's friends.

MARCUS - I was wondering who they were.

JAKE - No problems with two of them. The third one though, such a pain in the ass. You saw that salsa dance?

MARCUS - Yeah! (chuckles) the fuck was that?

JAKE - He's been hitting on her, dude. I'm not even joking.

MARCUS - Hitting on Gloria? For real?

SHIRLEY - (Drunk) But she ain't a golf ball.

MARCUS - Oh god, Shirley.

(they manage to drop her in her room; Denise has agreed to give her company. Jake and Marcus now walk back to the club and continue dancing)

[Scene 11]

(The folks continue dancing on the dance floor; Marcus and Matthew are now trying to get Peyton and Abigail out of the club as they're wasted)

NED - I got an idea! (Looks at the bartender) One shot!

JAKE - What're you doing?

NED - Just watch and see, (looks at Abigail and Peyton). Guys! This is the last shot in this club! They've run out! Who wants it?

MARCUS - Oh you're luring them out.

NED - Who wants it?

(Abigail swipes the drink off his hand and finishes it)

PEYTON - Ay! You bitch! Sharing is caring!

ABIGAIL - Who you calling a bitch, bitch?!

MARCUS - (Face-palms) Dumb fucks, dumb fucks everywhere.

NED - I just wasted bahts for no reason.

JAKE - You need a firm grip for this kinda stuff.

NED - Dude she's strong! She just yanked it- (gets cut off).

MARCUS - We know what happened.

MATTHEW - You know what, fuck it. Pick 'em up; we're leaving.

MARCUS - Right. Jake, when I come back, we're getting those girls out.

JAKE - Cool.

(Marcus and Matthew are handling Abigail and Peyton; they're getting them out by force)

ABIGAIL - I wanna stay! Get off me!

PEYTON - Get off!

NED - Wow. 16 drinks and Matt's still alright.

JAKE - 16 drinks?!

NED - Dude his tolerance is amazing.

[Scene 12]

(Jake goes to the washroom to take a piss; he meets Gordon in the bathroom)

GORDON - (While taking a piss in the urinal) Ay!! Jake!

JAKE - (While taking a piss in the urinal) Ay! What up?

GORDON - Knocked anyone up yet?

JAKE - What?! No.

GORDON - Oh, you're that kinda guy.

JAKE - Hey, I just downed two drinks.

GORDON - That's it?

JAKE - Well yes, I-I'm gonna carry on.

GORDON - Ah (tries to check out his junk).

JAKE - The fuck you doing, mate?

GORDON - Damn, it's limp.

JAKE - Alright, that's enough drinks for you too.

GORDON - Eheheh c'mon mate.

JAKE - I'll catch you later (high fives him and leaves).

(Soon after, Marcus and Matthew are helping Vicky get to the bathroom as he's piss drunk too)

VICKY - Guys! How did I do?

MATTHEW - You didn't do anyone, that's a start.

MARCUS - Hahaha (chuckles).

VICKY - I did them shots, didn't I?

MATTHEW - You took 7 shots, mate.

VICKY - 7 is what I need for them IB grades (chuckles).

(Matthew positions him in front of a urinal)

MARCUS - Go take a piss, we're waiting here.

VICKY - You guys! Can you help me? I can't find my dick.

MATTHEW - (Chuckles) Fuck...why didn't I Snapchat this shit?

MARCUS - Bro we're not going down there.

VICKY - But I can't find it!

MATTHEW - Give him a lift.

(Marcus drops Vicky's hand on top of his zipper)

VICKY - Oh! I found it! I found it!

(Everyone celebrates; meanwhile)

JAKE - Ned! You seen them?

NED - Seen who?

JAKE - Gloria and the others.

NED - Nah mate.

JAKE - Fuck.

(Leaves the dance-floor and runs into Matthew and Marcus)

MATTHEW - Hey! Where are they?

JAKE - Dude I lost them, I don't know where they are.

MARCUS - What the fuck? Mate you had one job.

JAKE - I went to take a piss!

MARCUS - Jesus Christ....fucking look for them. That Fraser better not be fooling around with them.

MATTHEW - Fuck! That's true! Quick!

[Scene 13]

(They look around for them and finally find them at a cornered mini-table in the outdoor bar; Gloria, Bella, and Sam are enjoying the hookah. Anna is observing this madness. Fraser is ecstatically dancing in front of the table, while the other two guys are sitting down quietly)

MARCUS - The fuck is he doing?

MATTHEW - (Laughs) Dude I can't!

JAKE - This is a problem, this isn't club dancing or bar dancing.

MARCUS - Hahaha! (chuckles).

ANNA - Jake!

JAKE - What's happening?

ANNA - I tried getting them out myself; it's already 1:30.

MATTHEW - I see.

ANNA - With this Fraser around, we can't leave.

MARCUS - What's his deal?

(Matthew notices Fraser's boner as he ecstatically dances)

SAM - Matt! Matt!


SAM - Why so serious? Hahahaha (chuckles in a drunk fashion).

MARCUS - Great, she's ruined the Dark Knight for me.

MATTHEW - (Whispers) Tell Gloria.

SAM - W-What?

MATTHEW - (Whispers) Fraser has a boner.

SAM - Eh?

(Matthew is mouthing the word 'boner' to Sam)

SAM - Oh! Boner!

MATTHEW - Dude!!

MARCUS - What the fuck?!

(Jake, Marcus, Fraser, Simon, and Thomas are checking down to see if it's them)

FRASER - (Notices his boner and tries covering them up; still drunk) Oh! I-It's Simon.

SIMON - Sure, buddy.

JAKE - What a cum-dumpster.

MATTHEW - Hahaha (laughs).

BELLA - Jake try this.

JAKE - A-Alright then (tries using the Hookah).

BELLA - Hey! c'mon your puff is pathetic.

JAKE - Sure, Bella.

BELLA - Roll your lips like this.

JAKE - Fine (does it) Fuck, it doesn't work for me.

BELLA - Hahahaha (laughs).

ANNA - How's it like?

JAKE - Tastes like sugar vapor.

MARCUS - That's it fun's over, Matt! Pick 'em up.

(Matthew handles Gloria and Bella, Marcus handles Sam. As they try to leave, Fraser blocks them by doing his ecstatic weird dance)

FRASER - (Singing while blocking their path) Pour on a symphony! I'm feeling drunk and high!

MARCUS - We know, now fuck off.

FRASER - Don't go anywhere!

MATTHEW - Jake! Fucking handle him!

JAKE - W-What do I do?

MATTHEW - Hold him back! Genius!

JAKE - Right, (holds Fraser back as firm as possible; the folks manage to leave the club).

(Now the guys are crossing the road to reach the resort)

MARCUS - That Fraser guy is so sleazy dude.

JAKE - I know.

MARCUS - That boner though.

SAM - (Drunk response) I know right?

MARCUS - Shut up, Sam.

MATTHEW - Dude Jake, help me handle Bella; I'm handling two.

(As soon as Jake takes over, Bella and Gloria begin to run towards the Resort Gates)

MARCUS - Dude! What the fuck!

JAKE - (Runs after them) Ay! Stop! What the hell are you doing?

MATTHEW - Man, how do they run like this when they're tipsy.

MARCUS - Mr. Johnson would be so proud (chuckles).

MATTHEW - Every PE Class ever (chuckles).

MARCUS - (Narration) And....that's where I pretty much gave up on returning back to the club. I still had to pick up Vicky, but I left that to Ned and Amanda. So yeah, that's pretty much what happened today. I swear to god, you guys are gonna be seeing this same drama, loosely written, over the next few written entries. Why the fuck would anyone wanna make a story out of this shit? It happens, I mean, who doesn't do any of these things. Anyways, that's me all caught up because of the rum; vacation homework is not fun by the way.










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