One Perfect Smile

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Submitted: July 29, 2018

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Submitted: July 29, 2018




The most important things to me are my son, my brain, my health and my independence. I live a quiet and structured life. Trying to follow the golden rule and not making unnecessary waves. I am a teacher and have spent this past year working with severely emotionally disturbed students.

These children have experienced a variety of emotional and physical abuse and act accordingly. Their moods are ever changing and they are not easily reasoned with; because their nervous system is always in a fight or flight mode. They push others away because that is their best defense. They trust no one and have learned to disconnect from others. They care- less about the consequences of their behaviors.

I ask myself is these are the criminals and abusers of the future? Can their brains be rewired and can the trauma be minimized with attention and care? Will they become the sociopaths who deceive, manipulate and use fear to camouflage their lack of conscience?

I study psychology incessantly as an attempt to understand the origins of behavior. I am afraid that all research points to “Yes” the impacts of abuse are permanent. The trauma one experiences as a young child is nearly impossible to overcome. I will keep trying; hoping to find that one perfect smile. The human expression that will show me that a spirit is still alive.

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