Perspective of life

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It's just a life story but I tweaked it a bit

Submitted: July 29, 2018

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Submitted: July 29, 2018






Common Room- Student Council


Neon: Hey Faze guess what, I just saw an amazing girl today, she’s just so... Well you know….


Faze: I thought, you think love is overrated.


Neon: Yeah, I think girls are beautiful that must mean I love’em. (…..)


Faze: (He’s a goner)


Neon: BTW, Anything wroth my time here?


Faze: Idk, if asked by HM is worth anything.


Neon: Shit, what now? Student jumped off?


Faze: Funny story, bout that. They say you jumped off of building while smoking Saul. And no just Projector assignments. 17 of them.(Kill me)


Saul: Why the fuck, how? Who? Why?


Neon: I hate that half-bald, thanks for the hard work, Your name will be written Heard that from under classmate. Saul, I wonder what smoking feels like? I did find a source though.


Saul: Fuck off. Where…


Neon: A site called facebook. By a user Aulluk154.


Saul: What’s that?


Neon: It’s like AOL but cooler, You ha….





After 2 Days


Faze: Wow, you’re early.


Neon: Paperwork.


Faze: At the gate. You suck at lying.


Neon: We…




Faze: Saw your paperwork?


Neon: no, wait what?


Faze: Just tell her u have a "crush on her."


Neon: Shutup, I don't have a crush on her.


Faze: You say no, I hear YES. I need a ear gear.


Neon: Or a pet scan. Goodnight Faze.


Faze: Goodnight. (I'm old now) 

(I suck at math. Wonder who created math. Can I go back in time to kill him.)

Neon: Morning.

Faze: Back to normal?

Neon: Shut up. Can I get a paper.

Faze: You should take mine I'm gonna fail anyway. Here.

Neon: No you won't.


Neon: Liz is late, now that's unusual.


Students: Good morning sir.

Sir: Morning. Class welcome your new classmate. As Jren wanted a transfer to section C. Now we have a test to take. Fast roll call I won't repeat twice. Go find a seat.

(Alright, I'm switching when he goes to return that attendance sheet)

Sir: 1..4..9..17..34

Sir: Prepare your paper I'll be back in a minute.

(Now, wait what, why are you sitting here, you're new, get up woman I'm not gonna retake this time)

Faze: Excu..

Sir: You need help Aron?

Faze No sir, I just asking for a pen.

Sir: Take this, get back to your seat.

Faze: Yes sir. (I'm fucked)

(Mehh don't know this, can't do this, might give this a try...)

Sir: Neon why are you trying to copy answers.

Neon: Sorry sir, I was just... It won't happen again.

Sir: Aron, you're looking at the question for 15 minutes write something or retake on weekend.

(It's been fifteen minutes!)

Faze: Yes sir. (Whatever)


[Bell Rings]
Sir: Turn in your papers.....Have a good day.
[Launch Break]
Faze: How was the exam?
Neon: Meh, it will be okay. Goodnight.
[2 Days Later]
Sir: I'm disappointed in you. Aron, Liz,....
(I knew it, I'm not sad, I'm okay
Sir:..and Neon. Retake is tomorrow at 10 am.
[Crowd whispers]
{Changing narration From Faze to Me}
Me: Yeah right.
Saul: How does it feel like to take a retake?
Me: Seriously!
Neon: It's alright. Study is overrated in our culture anyway. So no biggie.
Me: Haha really funny.
Neon: So when's the retake?
Me: Why do you care.
Neon: Cause I failed...?
Me: Nope, Liz give me neon's paper. 
Liz: I'm here. Not there.
Me: Okay th...
Neon: Here. Can't really show this to parents anyway. 
Me: 6...that's low
Neon: Not nice, have I ever acted like this huh, not really gentlemen like.
Me: No, I meant weird. 
Saul: Nothing weird, just lost the track of time by beauty of woman.
Neon: I just didn't know the answer.
Me: You answered question 1-6 correctly! But you've been never interested in well these
Neon: Breaks over, goodnight








{I thought this would be interesting but it's getting kinda boring, I'll change shorten it later after finished}


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