A non love poem

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A non love poem about a manic pixie dream boy

Submitted: July 29, 2018

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Submitted: July 29, 2018



A non love poem/manic pixie dream boy


I have never written a love poem,


I would not know how,


The first boy that I loved did not love me.


I tried my best to be his manic pixie dream girl,


I put myself in a box full of “god this song will change your life” and forehead kisses and...polka dot dresses? And self cut bangs and crooked smiles,


This is why I was shocked when he started suggesting..songs from the 60’s? And films about folk singers and philosophical questions?


But I liked it.


His voice was warm vanilla and I was sure that lavender ran in his veins,


He wore the kind of jeans I loved on boys and denim jackets and of course he played the guitar.


And this is not a love poem,


Because I know fuck all about love.


But I liked to imagine his hands in mine,


They were soft and warm and the lines on his palms were constellations.


They held life and hope and they made me think that maybe he was omnipotent,


Maybe his aura of arrogance was not misplaced,


Maybe the moon knew his name.


And he was a manic pixie dream girl,


But it was time to wake up

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