proverbial school

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Submitted: July 29, 2018

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Submitted: July 29, 2018



Proverbial school

Do you learn how to notice every breath of the wind It is your respiration to Do you learn from every song which is live How to fly till the stars and to merge with the rings of Saturn

No it's not my educations essence My responsibility doesn’t apply to that heavy trance They doesn’t teach me how to find poetic reasons But only sailing in the sea of tears above the sheets of my exams

The wouldn’t teach you in their proverbial school To sit in the sun for too long and get poisoned You'd have to jump all the material rules And count million stars and burning comets

To finally catch the freedom of every sunbeam Who's turning circles round your head To finally merge yourself in all intrusive dreams And learning life's music way

I am thinking I got sinking … To that stupid system

What've been you learning on biology lesson I wrote poems, I was bored While our teacher forgot tell us that lost heaven Is not just a verse of great British poet It's all we got someday beyond the window And I lost my trees and wind and sky night fairy tales On your words poor lessons I've lost my freedom

And it is gone to the night ocean Like all the stars who fall Burning nights emotions Awakened my rock n roll And the mistery they bared About the freedom I had May chill out the wrath in my veins And explain the whispering of my prayers With a wide melodious echo in my ears I open my eyes and I see Still Charmed by circulating travel trance I was sitting in my class of biology.

And it is gone to the night ocean Like all the fallen stars Who kept the strongest wishes To get raised or to die Or to listen your songs Or drink the last hot drop of liquor Just to not freeze Or start sing rock n roll With a slightly drunk voice Anyway… My freedom is gone.

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