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Submitted: July 29, 2018

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Submitted: July 29, 2018



I m drawing a tiger

Thine lines lie down to his mane

He s lying down his soft paws

The spring rain was his master

It taught him lie them soft

As she lies the rain above the grass

Eyeing at the dance of nearing eyes

Hiding my respiration behind my spirit

I left my hide , I am alone

He saw me , moving near his paws

Oh , will he note my fear

Will he forgive my tiny breath

Will he keep my life as gift

Will he teach me his force

Bring me into big revolve

In the circle , round the trees

Beneath the planet or above ?

Tiger , share with me your calmed steps

Tiger , how are flying so deep

Master , should I call you , warrior

To make you accept me , and teach

Your art , beneath your head , into your eyes , around your forceful neck , into the breath of trees , and force rose spear , is written in each of dark soft lines , into the the tissue or your lines , your strips

An elegancy of night is going ashamed

When you are near , in your run

The silence is listening your silent say , and sea is aspiring the sun

From its dreaming in a his hideaway

To you keeping your day , and shining with morning sunbeams , singing a song of great tiger Roaring at the sun and say him you keep holding in your paws his life among your paws , above your proud weight is turning the planet , the earth stills hot , but summer leaves all alone , and you are the only brighting in the hole world . run away , don’t let my words touch you . don’t be ashamed by human foollness

Tiger , run away

Don’t let the words touch your strongest essence

Tiger , don’t be ashamed

By human foolishness

You were along in caves with spirits

You were painted , in the stones , by ones who respired with you and ate your wisdom , you were their save and they were yours , and nothing changed since planet had its force , to keep your soft paws running.



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