Dreams Away

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Submitted: July 29, 2018

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Submitted: July 29, 2018



Scratched the mask right off your face.

Stitched it over, down through your side.

The only one you can’t push away,

His jagged teeth pierce 

To glimpse you from the inside.

It’s a cruel method you used to tear the seams-

Burning blue fire all around me.


If you feel remorse, you hide it all too well.

Your rehearsed expressions have a seductive delay.

The silence holds a story one’s soon to tell.

A memoir your siren sings all too well.


Dreams away, Love.

Drift away.

Blinded from the scars,

Adultery helps the lonely one.

Home-made love and stolen arms.

Lie, lie, lie awake.

This agony won’t go away.

I see right through your twisted denial.

Burning deep. Burning blue fire. 


Scratch out the desire engraved in the walls 

Around my oh so deceived 

Burning blue house.

Burn down this fortress I’ve built around myself.

Watch it fall apart as I tumble to my knees.

Burning blue fire all around me.


I think I love you,

That’s the truth I seem to hide.

I thought I knew you:

Beautiful, different, and undefined.

Bleed my eyes out for you.

Rip my heart out through your lies.

It’s safe to say you’re dead inside,

Swindling your thoughts as she drifts away.

And she drifts away.


I refuse to speak with a serpent’s tongue.

Your apprehension is desolate.

Do you feel anything, Love?

Through your jagged teeth you lie so well.

Pierce my skin, glimpse me from the inside.

You’ve damaged my structure brick for brick,

Planted snaked inside my head.

If you could move without igniting my flesh,

We could have all the riches.

But you’re burning my lips

And watching as I fall to ashes.


Dreams away.

We will surely burn if I don’t wake.

Twisted through this tight web, withered;

Blistered and weathered,

Tethered to illusion.

These are the pictures inside my love.

Forgive me for your mistakes.

We will surely burn if I don’t wake.

© Copyright 2019 J.M.Mason. All rights reserved.

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