Black Soul

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Submitted: July 29, 2018

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Submitted: July 29, 2018



Look into the mirror

Do you recognize who you see?

Black eyes meet your reflection

Your soul is gone and you can hardly breathe


Wake up with regret

But you didn’t fall asleep

The shakes and cold sweats

You don’t have much time left

But you can’t stop the disease


When the madness takes over you found your own escape

Fade into false reality, pretend it’s great

You know you don’t belong here and it’s killing you inside


But who are you without it? 

You can’t see beyond your disguise

The voice in your head is loud

No matter what you can’t shut it out

Just take another sip

It’s gonna be okay

Once you take your hit

Your friends come out to play


Now it all makes sense

You see they understand

For they are lonely too

Together you fit hand in hand


You sit there tranquil and dazed

As your mind fills with smoke

You are completely unfazed

Yet somehow full of hope


Several moments pass and the euphoria is fading

Depression hits, reality arrives 

Your soul now depleting, you’ve been living a lie

You wish for one more chance

This time too late

Everyone mourned your death

They’ve accepted your fate


You fall back under

The cycle continues

Your black soul took over

With nothing left but memories

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