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Submitted: July 29, 2018

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Submitted: July 29, 2018



A sympathy sigh full of little white lies. 

The rouse is seeping through the cries you've spilled,

Speaking through your teeth to hide yourself. 

A word from the diseased

Sounds like a symphony to me.

Come crawl to me on your hands and knees 

And sing with me the song of forgiveness,

Or fly with thieves, with birds and the bees,

And dive into the darkness. 


Everyone says what you want to hear,

Hate me for saying what you need to. 

Withdrawal yourself from the mirage and sit awhile with me. 

Is it better to exist in a vibrant lie or to live in the callous truth?

Stretching your eyelids will hide the nation from your entity-

The blind leading the blindness

But I see right through your defences, to the heart of you. 

Strap your pretty wings on, Love, and dance to their melody.

When you choose to see nothing 

There is no witness to confront their felonies.


No help for the hopeless.

Stupid people full of propensity. 

Stupid fucking people lying for false hope,

Trying to transpire, wanting to be known,

Crawling over companions, dying over the lies they've staged.

Humanity will never change.

Everything remains the same. 


No one will ever be there for you, or me, or really anyone. 

So remove your dirty sycophant rot from my starfish 

And wipe the bullshit from your lips.

Completely oblivious you're even lying to yourself. 

Ignorant minds, soldered ties, and false existence. 


Suck another dick to get ahead you piece of shit. 

In the end I know I'll hold the sovereignty over your head

Just to tease the power I have over your vertex,

Because you will never be higher than me, or anyone. 

I hope you enjoy your false sense of control, Princess. 

Because while you were reposing with your wings as a mistress

I was working toward a dream of honesty and remission.


Pretty little thing, you'll see what I mean 

When your secure little palace crumbles and brings you to your knees.

In the end, you will bow to me. 

© Copyright 2019 J.M.Mason. All rights reserved.

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