The Black Parade

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This is a short story baced on the song The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance. Mack has always dreamed of marching in the black parade and serving her country however on tour she finds out that a
group of rebels have planes to disrupt the celebrations and no one can stop them.

Submitted: July 29, 2018

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Submitted: July 29, 2018



Black, the absence of color, the color of the troops, the color of the parade. Mack was five the first time she saw it, sitting on her father's shoulders, waving at the passing army; welcoming them back from the war and morning those who did not return. When she was six her father left with the troops but he did not return, that was the last parade she want to. From that day on she promised that if she ever returned to the black parade she would be marching in it. Ten years, one hundred bruises, three broken ribs, a fractured collarbone, two gallons of sweat and a later she’s almost made it.

Sitting in the tank with the rest of her troop, the sound of shells exploding fading into the distance Mack let herself fall asleep for the first time in weeks. The adrenaline shots she took last month finally wearing off.

The tank swerved violently and Macks’ head collided with the cold metal wall, giving her an instant headache. “Ambush!” Cried the driver, in a span of five seconds troop 504 came to life, loading their guns, opening the narrow slits cut into the side of the vehicle and taking aim. It was 3:00am, the sky was dark with no moon or stars to see by, the desert outside the tank was completely dark. The tank rocked violently, the engines stutterd and then troop 504 was plunged into darkness. Slowly lights turned on from outside the tank blinding its occupants. A man in a black trench coat, black hair and vibrant blue eyes, stepped into the light. “Mary Mack please exit the vehicle.” He commanded. Troop 504 looked at Mack. She was just as confused as they were but tried not the let it show. Troops should never see a Captain as week, especially not a female caption on the verge of a promotion. Caption Mary Mack opened the door of the tank putting as much intimidation as she could on her face and jumped out of the vehicle. She walked confidently towards this strange man, he waited patiently with his hands folded in front of him, looking alot like an ancient wizard. Mack was able to feel troop 504s guns burning into her back, always looking for threats, she trained them well. If only she took her own advice, five steps from the strange man someone grabbed her by the waist with one hand, her arm in the other and put a hood over her head. There was a loud bang that rang in the back of macks head. She was shoved forward and then lifted up into the back of a truck. The smell of smoke filled her nostrils, the truck lurched into motion, the hum of its engines synced with the pounding in macks head, and lulled her into an almost peaceful trance.

After a rigorous journey and countless bumps the truck came to an earth shattering hault. Two men lifted mack out of the truck. She punched the one in the stomach and as he doubled over she shoves her knee into his face and pushed him into the second man, they both were taken by surprise and stumbled over. Mack pulled at the hood on her head and tossed it to the sandy ground. The sight that greeted mack was unexpected, they took her to an oasis, tents of every color surround a clear lake, the air smelled fresh and clean, so different from the choke smoke at base, despite the oppressive heat there were children playing in the sand dressed in cool billowing cloth, women were down at the lake gathering water to bring back the the village. “This way.” a gruff voice broke macks trance and she immediately came back to her senses, she was kidnaped by an enemy. The men who lifted her from the truck each grabbed one of her arms and marched her towards a bulky green tent. As they neared their destination mack heard people arguing “We should never have brought here here, this was a mistake.” one voice said “She is ready, she will do it.” another contoured, both sounded vaguely familiar. “The fact that she joined the army means she has it in her.”the second voice added. “She is loyal to them!” screamed the first voice. The man to her left lifted the tent flap. “Sir.”he called “we have her.” the tent fell silent for a moment.”Well, bring her in.” instructed the first voice werally.

Mack was astonished by the sight that greeted her. Her father died, she mourned him, she was presented with the black flag. Yet here he stood, his greying hair cut short, alive, here, commuting treason. Mack pulled her gaze from him and took in the rest of the tent, it was bigger than it looked, filled with desks, chairs, maps and cupboards.there was a man about her age, standing behind her father, his hair just touching his shoulders, he was almost twice the size of her father. Who was this man? Mack raised her eyebrows and flicked her gaze from him to her father than back again. “this is Abe.” her father answered her thought as if it was the most normal thing in the world. “sit please.” he said moving from the entryway further into the tent and taking a seat at the long table. Abe followed but did not sit, instead he stood. Mack made no move to sit, in an enemy camp she had to try and keep at least a shred of power. “Mack this will be a long conversation so sit down and stop scowling.” her father commanded, reminding her intently of when she was a little girl and he would instruct her combat training. “you can sit, or I can make you sit.” Abe threatened, his voice as slippery as a snake. She decided to sit, her shoulders slumping slightly in defeat. Making her voice as cold as possible she asked, “so what's the story?” taking a deep breath her father readied himself to tell her the tale of the black parade.

“Do you know the origin of the black parade?” he asked her. “Indeed, I do.” mack replied coldly. Every soldier knew its origins. “but what dues that have to do with this?” she added. “The parade was named after the effect Newtin bombs have on the surrounding area, they paint it black.” he explained “so we can take it back.” “I know all this.” mack growled. Abe tenced behind her father. “You think we are terrorists, taking you from your troops and-” she cut him off “you are terrorists, it's not what I think ; it's fact.” Her father reached into the cupboard behind Abe. He pulled out a black computer, it was old and covered in a layer of dust. He opened it and began logging into something, all mack was able to see was the back of the device, she heard the tapping of fingers on kayes and could smell the dust drifting from the computer into the air. “We are just as much patreates as you.” he said, half to the computer and half to her. “The only flaw in your logic is the fact that you are going against your country instead of fighting for it.” Mack replied, not even attempting to mask her irritation. “Whatever gave you that idea?” her father asked. “The fact i do not see a single uniforme or any sanctioned officers.” she stated, then added “Oh, and the fact you kidnapped me.” Mack's father turned the computer to face her, the screen was caked with dust, she was surprised that he was able to see anything. There was just enough glow braking through the dust that she could make out what the screen was showing her. It was an order, from the president commanding her father to establish a presence here and sever all ties he had back home, he was to establish a resistance, and run it sparingly, striking only places that would have little or no effect on the army and its progress, the president hoped this would discourage any larger more volatile forces from rising up against them.

“So now you see that what we are doing here is not treason.” her father claimed. No, what they were doing was much worse. “You are wasting resources!” Mack yelled, infuriated. “I have lost men to starvation, bad weapons, even defective tanks, and you are telling me your little backstabbing operation is running off government funds? Unexceptable.” Mack stormed out of the tent, Abe followed her. He gestured for her to walk towards one of the jeeps and asked her in a quiet voice “Which airport do you want me to take you to?” “You will let me leave so easily?” she asked. “We never planned on keeping you.” he replied “The general wanted to worn you, the resistance is rising up, planning on going over his head, they think he doesn't know but he does.” Abe opened the jeep and started the engine, they drove out of camp. “They plan on bombing the black parade.” he said.

Two hours later she was getting out of the jeep three kilometers from the airport. “What does he expect me to do?” she asked abe before Abe drove away “Nothing.” he replied as he gased over the horizon, as if he could see all the way home. “To be prepared, I guess.” Abe turned the jeep and sped off, mack began her long walk to base.

She was standing in formation, waiting for the parade to start. Mack made it, despite the strange encounter with her father the trip was relatively standard. Looking down at the find black cote and the row of medals she was wearing that signified she had served her country, lost men, and now was celebrating and morning. The rebellion seemed to have died down over the passed mounts witch was a relief but Mack couldn't help thinking that it was just the silence before a deadly storm. Stepping out into the streets she pushed those thought down.

“Welcome to the black parade.” boomed a loud voice from the speakers along the streets. “We are here to honor the saviors of the broken the beaten, and the damned. We have defeated them, the demons and all the non-believers, the plans that they have made.”

Mack and her troops began to march down the streets all in black, waving black flags. The crowd greeted them with enthusiasm, chanting the military's mantra, “when you grow up, Would you be the savior of the broken, The beaten, and the damned, will you defeat them Your demons and all the non-believers, The plans that they have made?” It filled Mack, swerling in her head, it was all she could here, all she could think. And then the bombs went off. Everything went black. The ground shook and Mack fell to the ground. Black smoke rose into the sky, blocking out the sunlight. The ground shook again. Buildings were falling around her. Off in the distance there was a commotion. The rebels were here, they had come to paint the town black, and take it back.

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