Aunt Regina and Uncle Ricchi

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The story of Bobby's uncle Ricchi and aunt Regina, whom he lives with while suffering their insanity and constant irritation.

Submitted: July 29, 2018

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Submitted: July 29, 2018



Bobby was an aspiring YouTuber who enjoyed making videos with a passion. However, his attempts at funny YouTube videos had never been sucessful, and he had been forced to live with his uncle Ricchi and aunt Regina.

Uncle Ricchi and aunt Regina are terrible people, to say the least. In the past, aunt Regina had run over Bobby's foot with her minivan while going to get beer and KFC one afternoon. Bobby went to the hospital on his own, as uncle Ricchi couldn't be bothered to stop filming his home show for 5 god dammed minutes. 

Uncle Ricchi is obsessed with his home show, in which he attempts to cook. Uncle Ricchi is a good cook, and aspires to be on the Food Network. Naturally, his dream has never been sucessful, and aunt Regina always labels it "stupid fucking gay shit." 

Frequently, instead of funny comedy videos, Bobby usually films himself arguing with aunt Regina or uncle Ricchi. One afternoon, he and uncle Ricchi argued about fidget spinners, as uncle Ricchi wanted one and Bobby refused to get him one. This led to a major arguement in which aunt Regina threw a lamp at the two of them. 

One of Bobby's most popular videos became "uncle Ricchi vs Bobby; the fidget spinner arguement." This video went viral and got 70 million views. Naturally Bobby despises aunt Regina and uncle Ricchi. Both of them are lazy alcoholics with little ambition in life. Aunt Regina sits around playing poker with mannequins in the living room while blasting Barry Manilow's "Copacabana." One of Bobby's videos showed aunt Regina's bizzare poker games, and this led to a major arguement in which she attacked Bobby with a spatula and spanked him with it on the front lawn. 

However many arguements they may have, Bobby remains there at their home for lack of money. And of course, Bobby continues to try to make a sucessful career in comedy videos on YouTube. His comedy videos almost never do very well, and Bobby's channel "Bobby TurnCoat", is only sucessful because of videos featuring arguements with aunt Regina and uncle Ricchi. 

Eventually in a half serious, almost clickbait video, Bobby moves out to go live with a friend. This naturally leads to an arguement on the front lawn with aunt Regina. Uncle Ricchi joins in shouting "shut the fuck up, i'm filming my food show". This leads to a major arguement between aunt Regina and uncle Ricchi, which allows Bobby to finally escape to his friends house, after almost a year at uncle Ricchi and aunt Regina's home. 


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