Chapter 5: (v.4) THE EVOLUTION

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Me: yes sweetheart

Stella: I have a surprise for you

Me: (sipping my chivita) what could that be?

Stella: me and my daddy is moving to Malaysia in next two month.

Me: (sad) so you wanna live me here all alone? *************** Me: bro how far

Ttech: omo that girl done show ooo...she package die.

Me: seriously, is too early nah. Won't you go to church?

Ttech: Church kee, my own Church nah on top her body.

Me: bad guy, what's her name?

Ttech: Cynthia *************** Me: who are you and how did you get here?

Partner: ( recognized my voice); God, rely is that you?

Me:(surprised) Stella!!!

Stella: (crying) Rely!!!

We located our self and hug each other..


I looked at Stella who was still sleeping with her head resting on my chest. I stirred at her for some seconds before given her a peck on her forehead. Such an innocent girl passing through all this predicament because of a dick head like me.

Me:(whispered on her ear)I'm so sorry baby.

I knew dam well that Abimbola would have called me up to a million times without any response. Whatever her thought might be, is none of my business now, I got to figure out how to get out of this dam place. I looked at Stella who was still deep asleep, how will I get the fuck out of here when my master planners are not here with me. It gonna be hard, but something must be done. Should I.....

I was still meditating when the door opened. I saw the same man Desmond and his gang were waiting for yesterday night standing in front of me along side Desmond. I was curious to know what exactly was actually going on. I Guess the man was there boss, because he looks so affluent and filthy rich.

Boss: (giving Desmond a hand shake) you did a good job here again boy, I know ghost will love this.

Desmond: when will ghost be here sir?

Boss: few days from now. Make sure to feed them well.

Desmond: yes boss

Boss: what of the other shift?

Desmond: they have been transported.

Desmond stayed back while his boss left the room. He looked at me for some seconds before altering a word.

Desmond:(trying to be nice) what do you care for?

Me: hey man, please can you tell me why we are here. Please


Me:( stood up) look at us, sitting down here like an animal, without knowing what is gonna happen to us next, mehn, you gonna put your self in our shoe. If it happened to be you, how will you feel.

Desmond :( silent for a while)

Me: talk to me man

Desmond: what do you care for.

Me: I care to know why we are here, what you and your boss gonna do with us and a way out?

Desmond:( whispered on my ear) I can't grant you that.

Me: please man, you gat to help us, whatever you guys wanna do with us, you know we don't deserve it. Please Desmond.

He left the room without any second thought on what I was saying. I looked at Stella who was on the floor busy shedding tears. I sat beside her while she rested on my laps. What more can I do.

Me: who the hell is ghost?

Stella: seriously, are you asking me, how am I gonna know that.

Me: yeah baby, stop crying, we gonna leave here soon,

The door opened as I was busy romancing Stella's hair to make her feel relaxed. It was one of Desmond gang, I guess he brought some food.

Guy: this is your food.

He was about leaving when I called his attention back.

Me: hey man, please can you tell me why we are here? What do you guys wanna do with us?

Guy: who the fuck are you to ask me that. Go to hell.

I was flabbergasted on his reactions towards me, Desmond was far better than this dude. I drew the black nylon containing the food the guy brought. I never knew what the time says. How will I know, when is impossible for me to see the sky. Everywhere was blocked, the room has only one door without any window.

Me and Stella ate together as I was busy thinking if Ttech was behind all this predicament. I thankGod I wasn't living with my uncle again for quite long now. He traveled out of the country some months ago. we only communication on phone. I wouldn't have any course to explain anything that has happened to me to anyone. I'm only concerned about Stella, I knew quite well that her daddy will be worried wherever he is now because Stella cellphone won't be reachable.

We stayed in that room day after day, with my calculations, i guessed we have spent about four to five days in that room. We are never allowed to come out of the room. They can give us whatever food we want. I never had from Ttech nor AY. I don't even have an idea if they are still alive or has been transported. God should have mercy upon me and my friends because right now, i'm scared of my life.

The next day, everywhere was so silent as if nobody was in the hole house, i was busy petting Stella's hair in our own ward, when a diminutive noise started coming through the door. It seems someone was trying to open the door. I stood up in fear to fight whatever that was coming through that door, I know I won't win, but at least, let me try. I stood there for about seven minutes and the person was still making an effort to open the door. I became more worried when I realized that the key was with them, then what hell are they wasting time to open the door.

The handle of the door started making some angular rotation. At this time, Stella was standing at my back at the same time, dragging my cloths. I was so pained that I couldn't protect her because I can see the fear written all over her body. Who the hell wanna die, no body wanna die, she is dam scared.

The turning of the door handle increased with immediate effect until the door opened. This time, my heart was on my month. Stella was no more dragging my cloth, she was holding me tight from the back. Immediately the door opened, I saw Ttech with a swollen face holding table knife and at the same time, blood was dropping out of his hand.

THE EVOLUTION CONTINUES... Drop your comments below....

Submitted: July 29, 2018

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