Cleveland Browns; Ruining Careers

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Submitted: July 29, 2018

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Submitted: July 29, 2018



Yet another top round NFL quarterback will fall victim to the mismanaged, cancerous joke that is the Cleveland Browns. This year's unlucky victim will be Baker Mayfield from the university of Oklahoma. Joining him in his misery will be the very talented yet extremely underrated Tyrod Taylor, and Drew Stanton, another talent who's career will be ruined by the Cleveland Browns. They most likely will join the ranks of numerous failed quarterbacks who've started in Cleveland. Luckily for his sake, no name fringe starter/backup Kevin Hogan managed to escape the misery of Cleveland in a trade to the Redskins. Hogan is a lucky one, and even though he'll probably never see the field with the Redskins, as he sits behind Alex Smith and Colt McCoy, he is still lucky to escape Cleveland. 

As per usual routine with the Browns, Mayfield will start, show some promise, get hurt then immediately lose his starting job to Tyrod Taylor. The talented Taylor will look noticeably pathetic starting for the Browns, compared to what he was in Buffalo. Taylor likely will also be hurt, and be replaced by Drew Stanton, who himself will likely be injured, along with most the Browns offense and defense. This cycle will repeat over and over throughout the season, a never ending cycle of injuries, misery and suffering for Mayfield, Taylor and Stanton. Ultimately this hellish miserable cycle will end with the three quarterbacks being released, ending up on different teams, or in the Canadian Football League. It likely will not end well for them. It never ends well for anyone who plays for the Browns, quarterback or otherwise. While the quarterback is highly important to any NFL team, he simply needs weapons and a strong supporting cast. This is simply a fact of life, one man cannot lead a team to the promise land; unless of course his name is Tom Brady or Lebron James. 

The Cleveland Browns are a joke, run by an idiot named Jimmy Haslam. The better term for him would be moronic baboon. Hell, an army of baboons probably could run the Browns better than its current staff. Hue Jackson is the worst possible coach you could ask for, literally anyone could do a better job than Hue Jackson. How this man still has a job is beyond me, and many other people likely feel the same. Maybe this year can be different for the Browns, aside from acquiring the extremely talented Tyrod Taylor, and Baker Mayfield, they also have running back Carlos Hyde. Maybe things can be different, at least for the offense. Maybe instead of one game, they'll win two. 

Maybe I'm simply too optimistic and I'm dreaming. I'll finish on one final statement; as Aerosmith says; Dream On. 


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