The Haunted Forest

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Submitted: July 29, 2018

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Submitted: July 29, 2018



A deep breath before the screams that never leave my lips, in the dreams that bring only remnants of what this is: forsaken recollections of a life that slipped through my grasp. Nevermore to feel the sand of the sea beneath her feet. Only grains of time that buried her before our eyes.


I see her there when the night gives way. She stares at me, questioning everything in the hourglass.  Subconsciously hidden away for the benefit of the parts of me too weak to admit to myself that she's gone. But where did she go?


A hollow grave found only in the haunted forest of souls, in the form of a daughter too lost to find hope. Forsaken is the name of the love that she holds, for in her heart you’ll find only malaise, fire, and coal. Where only parasites, cancer, and fear will grow.


She speaks to me in the softest voice to calm me in the darkest times. It’s almost worse to know the love she holds for a daughter too selfish to let go.


A silent cry for the great divide, when I wasn’t there to aid in your life. The difference you’ve made in mine is unbound by anything. You were the sun, the moon, the breeze. You kept me believing in everything beautiful, only to suffer in your demise.


I talk to her when no one can hear, and hug myself to feel her. I’m scared that if I leave this place of haunted things that she will just slip away. I'm scared she'll slip away like she did the day she said goodbye.

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