Dr. Fat

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Submitted: July 29, 2018

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Submitted: July 29, 2018






Dr. Fat


  The receptionist showed Henry into Dr. Fat's office,

for his appointment. Dr. Fat sat at his desk, he was  

aptly named, he was a big man. Some would say


- Hello Henry! How are you feeling today Henry?

- Not too bad doctor, and yourself doctor?

- Oh, I'm a bit hungry Henry to tell the truth. I've

been busy this morning, and had to skip breakfast. 

Not to worry but Henry, I'll have morning tea shortly!

Now Henry, at out last session we were discussing how

you often felt guilty.

- That's right doctor.

- What do you feel guilty about Henry?

- It's embarrassing doctor.

- I'm sure it is Henry. But what do you feel embarrassed

about Henry?

- Doing it doctor.

- Doing what Henry?

- Touching myself.

- You mean masturbating?

- Yes doctor.

- There's nothing to be embarrassed about Henry.

- No?

- No Henry! Everybody does it Henry!

- But I thought it sent people insane doctor?

- No, no, Henry. Some priest probably told you 

that when you were a child. It's nonsense Henry.

Masturbation is perfectly normal Henry.

- Oh, what a relief doctor. Thank you. Do you do 

it doctor?

- No Henry, I'm sixty-two Henry. My hormone levels 

have dropped. That happens when you get older...

  Henry noticed something coming out from underneath

Dr. Fat's desk, it was a long thick thing like a pink

python with a  head and mouth like a pirana fish,

but with piebald teeth, that moved around and around.

It's jaw moved up and down like it was ready to feed,

as it slid towards Henry petrified in his chair..

- What's that thing Dr Fat? what's that Dr. Fat?

- Henry, Henry, I don't masturbate anymore, I eat!






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