"Gas station"

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Submitted: July 29, 2018

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Submitted: July 29, 2018



You approach your job at a gas station during night shift. The time is around 2:00 am. Your boss left you a note saying the backdoor is jammed and won't shut. And also warned you about a recent patient at the near by mental asylum has escaped. He also said the gun is under the cash register if you need it and don't be scared because chances of him coming here are slim to nothing.


However he left a note with some chores that need done. 

1 take out trash

2 clean bathroom

3 sweep!!!


So you take the trash out to the dumpster outside. And walk back inside to grab the bathroom key from the drawer and walk back outside to the bathroom. While your cleaning the mirror you notice a reflection staring back at you of a man. 

As soon as you see him he runs the other direction witch scared you. You run out to see where he went? You walk inside the gas station as the cash register is now open. You think he robbed you but not a dime is stolen. You sigh relief and go back to the bathroom when you here a door slam. 

The backdoor witch was jammed is now shut. You rush to the back near the break room and office room is and look around no one is around. You grab the broom and right when you walk back in the building the same man is staring at you with the gun in his hand.


You walk backwards and he orders you to get on your knees. You get on your knees and he starts screaming at himself and you realize it's the escaped mental patient. He starts shaking and then shoots himself in the head and falls down. This shakes  you up. You report everything to the police and your boss. You get fired for not contacting the boss first. Your haunted by these images and eventually check yourself into the same asylum and coincidentally the same exact cell.

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