Discovering Oneself

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How to discover yourself!

Submitted: July 29, 2018

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Submitted: July 29, 2018



Drink in the words of Oscar Wilde, “To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.”

How true! What discerning words! Sitting here, not knowing what to do, on one such lazy day, I come across this quote. I realize this has got something to do with me, the real me – the me, who disparages self, the me who lacks self-esteem; the me ,who, in vain, reads books, to instill self-confidence, the me who knows inherently the ingrained strengths, but fears exhibiting the same, for fear of dismissal, disapproval; the me, who dreams big, but considers self – a mere speck of dust in this infinite Universe; the me who is sad at the ways of the big, bad world, the me who suffers in silence, cries in a cocoon; the me who shuns public places, turns away from known faces, the me who desists making friends, giving speeches, partying or socializing; the me, who broods coming out into the soothing sunshine, or the magical moonlight.

Do we have any “you’ s”, out there, like the “me” described in here? I hope not, but if, even a miniscule of you lovely people, sitting out there and reading my blog, nod their heads in affirmation to be the “me” described, please take a pause… The world is not going to stop… Think for a while. Ponder on what this gentleman, the greatest writer of his times, meant in this meaningful sentence. You will realize the deep meaning and the profound truth that lie in these wondrous words. Learn to love yourself; do not waste time in trivial pursuits, on trying to find romance elsewhere.

C’mon! Make this maiden attempt. Start this humble beginning. Embark on an altogether new journey; begin this treasure hunt of soul searching. Try to fall in love with yourself, discover yourself – in all its truth, beauty and glory. Stop comparing yourself to other people, and adore the skin you’re in. As someone rightly said. “Work with mantras to get your mind attuned to a powerful channel (“I embrace my unique brand of beauty” or “I am beautiful, confident and radiant”), even stand in front of the mirror and appreciate your reflection for five full minutes each day.”

Don’t become too self-possessed, too self-indulgent. Discover yourself slowly – unravel the inner beauty that is buried deep inside your mortal body. Discover… and rediscover your soul, your mind, your innate charm. Let yourself live. Unleash your potentials! Let not your skill be behind the garb. Bring the expression out of the veil, to be noticed and seen. Shed your inhibitions! Shred your fears!

Look at the mirror! Admire the resplendent reflection in the mirror – notice all the good that you see. For a moment, ignore all the bad that you notice, coz there’s nothing there that is mean or ugly. Take time for all this. Let the magic of discovering self unfold . . . slowly, leisurely, naturally and aesthetically.

Voila! You will be amazed at the expanse of beauty that lies before your eyes – the enchanting comeliness that is confined within.

Where was this bewitching beauty all these years? Where was this tall, dark, looming personality camouflaging? Hiding in the bliss of ignorance, in the shackles of commitments? Lost in the maddening crowd? Disappeared amidst the fog of the clouds? Drowned in the darkness of despair? Vanished in the vast vicissitude of the veneer of seasons?

Unravel yourself – realize and release your potentials – Come! Fall in love with the most angelic person – YOU. Transcend all barriers, exuviate all negativity – come into the sublime, find the newfound you – the liberated and radiant soul. You will find a halo around this reflection – don’t be surprised – that is no spiritual being, that is no divine soul – the divine spark that you see, is the real you! -the old but new you – fresh, immaculate and spotless – the one you are going to fall in love with NOW! This will make you see the world in a whole new perspective – A beautiful world filled with beautiful people. Make haste, before tis too late! Take the first step towards experiencing this new-found, lifetime romance.


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