Gift from Above

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Submitted: July 29, 2018

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Submitted: July 29, 2018



There are joys on this earth

Same as sorrows and pain.

Our emotions are plenty at birth

With no good way to explain.

Most search all their days

To express with some outlet,

But with so many ways

A heart tends to fret.


Should I paint an image of my heart,

Or glide through life in a dance?

Perhaps design great structural art?

Maybe a life of song is my chance!

Reason may provide better,

Grounding me with logic and math.

But why end myself with a fetter

When that just isn’t my path?


In truth it can only be paper

That brings my soul alive to sing!

And showed it to be more than a taper

For my world has come into Spring!

Now all sensations come and go,

Save that passion burning bright.

That’s given colors such a glow

That more and more I need to write!


So I’ve learned not to give way

And end a search for something greater.

For any heart may convey

The joy of a creator.

And I don’t care what others say

Of this gift that comes from above,

When at the end of every day

It reminds me of His love.

© Copyright 2018 AKWolf96. All rights reserved.

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