Silver Eagle

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Submitted: July 29, 2018

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Submitted: July 29, 2018



Passed through Montgomery

night thick with fog ,

radio disconnected

so we sang Bob Dylan songs.

Uncle Bill played his guitar

and mother hummed along,

like a rolling stone

we were on our own .

Came upon Chattanooga

and stopped at Ruby Falls ,

we took the shaft to the bottom

of the mountain with narrow halls.

It was said one man

used a chisel to tunell ahead ,

When he came upon this waterfall

With a color of Ruby red.

We traveled into Pikeville

where we saw a billboard of a man

dressed in a black vest , cowboy hat

and the tightest of any pants.

He had a guitar in his arms ,

and long light brown hair

we didn't know who he was

or why his picture was there.

We passed through the mountains

and the twisting of the hills,

destination St Louis ,

we were sure would be a thrill.

We crossed a bridge over the river

rapid raging blue ,

and focused our sights on

what looked like a giant u.

Turned upside down , above luxury boats

With huge paddle wheels ,

it shined in the sunlight

With it's luminous glow of steel.

We parked the silver eagle

down by the river bend ,

and took three flights of stairs

down into a neat museum.

Where time was well conserved

and animals were preserved.

Lewis and Clark

sacagawea ,

all became a memorabilia.

© Copyright 2018 Edward Baker. All rights reserved.

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