The God We Know

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How we see God is often not who He is.

Submitted: July 30, 2018

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Submitted: July 30, 2018



The God We Know


We are broken...

Our failures are witness to this.
We cannot in our own effort make ourselves whole,

So we try again and fail in more spectacular ways.


I have met the atheist,
Seen that their hatred is borne of hurt

And I realised that they have met religion,

But they have not met Jesus.


There is a Way, a Truth and a Life

And that person is Jesus.

For He is the Beginning

And He is the End.


He came for all of us,

Not just the perfect soul.

Jesus has opened up heaven for us all,

The invitation is open, we simply need to recieve it.


No matter what you have done,

Jesus has paid the Redemptive Price.

He can and will restore you,

Simply He wants you, to get to know Him.


God does not want to Control you,

For that is not Love.

His Love goes beyond all you Know,

Simply He wants the best for you.


Your efforts to be Good apart from God will eventually fail,

For you are broken, we all are broken.

We fail, we mess up and we fall short of the mark,

But it is not our efforts that interest God,

Simply it is the status of our hearts.


What God has spoken will come to pass.

For His word will never return void.

God is A Good Good Father;

Forever Loving in His Furious and Reckless Love,

Which continually pursues us even in our mess.


God has Loved us from the beginning, even until the end.

He has sent His Son Jesus to us;

He Who Lived, Who Died, Who Rose Again,

For Jesus is not Dead but He is Alive

And He is coming again.


The price is paid.

We have been adopted by Heaven.

When we accept Jesus as Our Lord,

No longer are we slaves to sin and death,

We are Beloved Sons and Daughters

Of The Most High King of Kings.


We are Royalty, every mothers son and daughter;

Everyone Who has Believed.

Jesus is For us and Oh How He Loves us.

Death and the grave are defeated,

There is nothing more to fear,

For Jesus has overcome and defeated the grave.


Though we experience trouble and hardship,

At times we face the terror of night and fear.

We are not alone,

For God is with us.

He will be our shield and rampart,

All we need do is seek and pray.


God has Loved us,

That is the Truth.

He has sent His Son

And Given His Holy Spirit without measure.

The Host of Heaven fight on our behalf.


So when you feel fear creeping in;

Rebuke it and say,

God is for us,

Who can be against us.

God will deliver us this day.

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