The UNBELIEVABLE Jumping Spider

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NOTE this is the preview before the actual book comes out let me know if you like,

Submitted: July 30, 2018

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Submitted: July 30, 2018



Chapter 1


Suddenly a briiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing was heard. Madison got up from her chair. She has been sitting in math class for so long. She could hardly contain her excitement, she and her class was heading to  the Arachno-Lab in a bit.


While she headed out the door to the school bus she looked at everyone on the bus. When she entered the bus a couple kids whispered. She sat in the back with Jerry and Andrew. Her friends.


Well you see Jerry’s kinda uhhh <how can i put this??> chubby, and Andrew was a complete savage. <Andrew knew how to do pretty much anything> Andrew was son of the leader of the world <Madison knew this because Andrew always bragged about it> Madison just likes to see which one can do what.


Well Andrew is the best at footbowl, <the national game of this dimension> and Jerry is good with well wrestling I guess. <he wasn’t good at really anything> When Madison sat next to them Jerry asked with his screechy voice “where are we going” <Jerry wasn’t good with memory as well.>


“The Arachno-Lab” answered Andrew in his manly voice. “Oh” gasped Jerry.


Once the bus got to the Arachno-Lab, it halted as slow as a ant. Madison and the rest of the kids walked out the bus and entered the grey building. Jerry studied the spiders, so did Madison.


“OH, WAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII’M COOOOOOOOOOMING” yelled a voice down the hallway. A woman in a lab coat ran over to the class. She said panting “We-lc-ome, to th-e Arachno-La-b” she took a deep breath.


“OK now you ready to see the ones we’ve been genetically enhancing” asked The Woman. Jerry raised his hand. “Yes” “What's a We-l-come”


The rest of the way went on Jerry asking questions and The Woman just kept answering them. UNTIL we FINALLY made it! The lab!!! When we entered Jerry asked “What's a lab” I could see everyone getting frustrated with him. Including the bus driver inside the bus <who could sense his questions>


This time she did not answer his question. Madison went over to the photobooth. She sat down in a seat. She did not see a spider creep from the seat to on her arm. Madison went over to touch her arm when,


“OWW” she yelled.






She looked at her finger it was bit by what?? She looked at her arm no spider. She thought she might be going crazy. So she left the photobooth as she did not noticed a dead spider on the floor. Andrew went over to her and asked “you ok, I heard you say a big fat ow”


“I think so I thought a spider bit me but I guess not” Madison answered. “Good I thought I had to tiquando somebody” he said relieved. “WAIT WE ARE MISSING S-23” yelled a Man. “you guys should leave because that one might be hazardous” exclaimed the woman.


She pushed us all out the laboratory. When the whole class got on the bus Jerry, Andrew, and Madison sat in the back. When the whole class sat down the bus went to top speeds. Then on the headset the bus driver said “We are leaving so fast because I hate spiders, and poison”


When we finally got to the school. It was over. So we went on our appropriate busses Jerry went on 105, Andrew went on 13, and Madison went on bus 41. When Madison got home she went to her room. On the way she passed her dad the police chief. <Madison’s dad’s name is Larry>


Madison laid on her bed and fell asleep. When she woke up she was on the ceiling!! “HOLY CUSS WORDS DISABLED” and she fell onto her bed. “MADISON, A BOY IS HERE AND HIS NAME IS ANDREW DO YOU KNOW HIM??” asked Larry.




Andrew entered Madison’s room. “Hey, you ok” he asked. “Yeah” answered Madison. “You sure you look, look terrified” asked Andrew. You know I was actually terrified, I WAS JUST ON THE CEILING, oh but i can’t say that, he’ll think I’m crazy “Yeah I’m ok” sighed Madison.


“Good I was worried” sadly said Andrew. “Why??” asked Madison. “You see Jerry is kinda, missing” answered Andrew.


“I hoped you would know where he is”


“He’s probably jumping with the geckos” “Madison this is not funny” “MADISON STAY INSIDE ANOTHER, SAVAGE IS OUT” boomed Larry as he slammed the entrance to the house. “You think Jerry’s in trouble??” asked Andrew. “Prob but how do you we get out” asked Madison.


“You’ll see” said Andrew as he used a paperclip to open the window!! The two ran and followed cop cars to a dark alley. “What should we do general Larry??” asked A Cop. BOOM BOOM BOOM, a large stomping could be heard beyond the cop cars, BOOM BOOM BOOM, the stomping got louder, BOOM BOOM BOOM, BOOM BOOM BOOM, BOOM BOOM BOOM, suddenly the stomping stopped. “RAAAAAAAAAAAAAH” yelled a Gecko Man as he jumped onto a cop car.


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