Not The Same

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Our Cultures and their end.

Submitted: July 30, 2018

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Submitted: July 30, 2018



Not The Same


A face of white in a world of grey,

I am seen as the aggressor and the occupier.

They do not believe I belong,

Although I am a citizen of my country.


I have tried to be a patriot,

But I am lumped into a cultural group.

I am seen as a European,

An invader and a threat.


The law favours the previously disadvantaged,

Yet still I pray; Jesus save our Land,

Save our land from the wolves who are at the gates.

Tears stream down my face.


Years of waiting, hoping and praying.

Every moment is significant.

We are not a rainbow nation,

We are a nation that has been divided by black and white and grey.


Murders are committed.

Crimes happen every day.

Still I have Hope for my country.

A Hope that will not die.


Do we rise up and try to overthrow?

No, we would not be accepted if we did that.

So we pray...

And though it takes longer, it does work.


God sees us.

He remembers the Covenant.

On that grass plain,

Near the river that turned to blood.


Not from bullets but from older mens spears.

How the armies of heaven fought for us that day.

We remember the betrayal, the innocent blood that was shed.

But we know that respect was forged through the fight.


We Love our country and we Love our Land.

But the day will come quickly and soon.

When the evil have perished and are no more,

Their sins having caught up with them

And the blood they have shed will fall upon their heads.

© Copyright 2018 5ilv3r 5trand. All rights reserved.

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