Chains Of Stone

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Poem based off Picture Prompt, I tried to do some modern justice too

Submitted: July 30, 2018

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Submitted: July 30, 2018




Poem Dedicated to Mother Earth, and the Galaxy

Chains of the Stone Ages

Time is of essence to turn sepia pages

Let the new story written bleed for a solitude heart so true

Eyes of now happier times, bows to give the forgotten its remotely just due

The stars twinkling overcasting a fable once written

Sentiments thrown in the wind, withering flowers, the tale of a fair maiden once smitten

Honey now drips from the lips of a prince who has been vamp bitten

Curse be damned to stone, a fair maiden now wails in heat

Two star-crossed lovers, now under the covers as immortality greets

Hearkening cries of an once adorned love shared throughout the night

Daylight descends, memories of a pseudo love affair lost in its earthy plight

Umm, take of me, the elixir to relive such glories times, as attuned souls soar on heavenly wings

Promises to love with a sealed kiss, given of five golden rings

Land, Sea, Earth, Wind, Fire

The moonlight echoes of our crescendo desires  

Ringing out our vows to the mountaintops

Written in the sky’s landscape, the galaxy as the witnessing backdrop

The shadows of the lament unyielding conspire

Hidden depths of loyalty one must now sing to an empty choir

A lair of dying love has been tossed into a lake of fire

No smothering flames for a heart to ever rehire

The moon cast of illumination once it speak reaches full

A star drainage of its energy with an enticing seesawing dancing pull

Soft lace interweaving with hard wool

Echoes unrelenting, as minds reinvent, under such dire broken chains circumvent

A fairytale, no, it’s reality of the beguiling bite

Ummm, marks of love lashing, tongue thrashing, throughout the night as love is rehashing

Trance of the mind, surrendering veins, pleasure enlightment, all mine

Soft fangs sinking deeper and deeper, weakening of flesh as time blindly winds

Basking in the heightened glory of my forbidden carnal designs

Intoxicating wine has been siphoned from off the nectar of such sweeten grape vine

Adam has refused of the snake’s alluring temptations

Eve’s apple sweetly eaten in this lifetime, no earthly or lasting trepidations

Chains of Stone Ages


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