Doing Nothing for a Day

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Can you imagine doing absolutely nothing? Is it really possible to achieve this just for a minute in your life?

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Submitted: July 30, 2018

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Submitted: July 30, 2018



 Doing Nothing for a Day
Can you imagine spending just one day doing absolutely nothing? Well, it may seem very easy at first, and you might be thinking, What's the big deal? Anyone can do that. Huh.
You can not spend a single minute of your life doing
Absolutely Nothing. 
There are many ways to prove that the harder you try to do "absolutely nothing", you are doing something! That is, 'trying to do nothing'!  Hilarious, right?
Anyway, if this did not convince you, let's move on. Can you imagine spending just one minute when you were completely idle, free from all worldly thoughts and tense moments? You are probably thinking: Maybe in a dream? 
There is nothing to do as far as I am concerned. Things just happen without my will, and there is no sense of obligation, no anxiety, and most importantly, I, the dreamer have to do nothing. Things just happen. Right?
The logic may seem sound, and you might be thinking that hey I got the solution! But, just wait a minute. Is this absolutely nothing? 
There is a dreamer, who thinks he is doing nothing out of his free will. He just sees things, and things sort of happen to him. He may see himself going to some fancy garden where he meets his beloved, has a lot of happy moments together, and this memory may stick with him and tease him so much that he may forget to do the basic things he usually does on a daily basis. So, back to the question : Is this absolutely nothing? 
I beg to differ. If someone, say - your sister, is standing by our dreamer, and a person asks him,"What is the dreamer doing?", what do you think will she reply?
"He is sleeping!" Well? Isn't it something? Yes, it is. It is such an important thing, that if we are deprived of this wonderful and amazing refreshing instrument of our life, we tend to lose our productivity and ability to concentrate on our work! 
I can almost see some people laugh at me, pointing their fingers on the screen, saying, "What the heck is he trying to say? This is not a fair argument! Just tell me why you should consider the situation from another person's point of view?" (In our case, it is the sister.)
Ah! You have gathered some fuel for your train of arguments, right? Feeling excited about being able to get at me? Well, I guess we are not over yet. Listen to what I have in store for your mind to ponder and get some extra exercise! 
It is naturally going to be someone else who gives the verdict that so-and-so person is doing nothing, as the person himself cannot do so. Why? Because if the person who was doing nothing is in a position to say he was doing absolutely nothing, he is wrong. Just because he was alive.
What? This is crazy! You might think. Well, let me explain. The man who was supposed to do nothing was alive and well, so we can surely say he was breathing! What if he had held his breath for a while? Well, he was holding his breath! 
We all have a train of thoughts going on in our minds. Can we stop it completely, such that absolutely no thought comes to our mind? No. It is impossible, you would say. But if you did try, this surely proves that you were trying to suppress all thoughts with the intention of stopping all that came to your mind involuntarily. 
Huh. I had enough. Is that what you are thinking right now? All right. Let me tell you the answer to this strange question, "Can anybody do absolutely nothing for a day?" 
Well, it is a dead person
You may not agree with me, and tell me that it is silly, and some other such people are there who are capable of doing absolutely nothing for longer periods of time. 
You may wonder why I chose a dead person as the answer. You see, the dead have absolutely no power to do anything on their own, and all the concerned verbs used to describe the dead person shall be in the past tense!
Like, he was a great scholar, a great scientist, a pilot, etc. There may be things associated with the person in the present tense like he is going to heaven, etc, but these do not involve any action in which the dead person has any control and free will. 
The actions are effectively associated with others, so the dead person himself doesn't do anything! In other words, a dead person does nothing (in this world) after his death!
You may ask, is Nothing a thing? Yes, sort of. I mean that we can imagine it, right? So it has to be something! Yet, it cannot exist in this world physically, as it will no longer remain nothing, but become a physical object. It is true that the word nothing has an abstract, unique meaning. It is the absence of all things! 
This is just for fun and there is no other intention whatsoever. This maybe a topic of debate, but I just wanted to get something written, on "Nothing"! Hope you enjoyed it!
 ~ Silgorious

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