Song of the Water Lilies

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Submitted: July 30, 2018

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Submitted: July 30, 2018



Song of the Water Lilies


Have you ever watched a Water Lily grow?

They are creatures of the light.


Slowly, they unfold their bodies andoffer

their scented song to the world.


Light does that–gently pullsthe music

out of you, rendering you (weightless) yet

full as a hive of raw, unadulteratedhoney.


I am standing at a cliff’s edge–

arms open wide like a man on a cross– ready

to be delivered from the weight of things.


Time has worn me like a favorite pair of jeans

and now there are moreholes in me than songs,

more airin me than warmth.


I am coldalways cold. My fleshhas reached

its limit and now cries in the night for the clock to stop

his wieldingof cruel hands.


Have you ever heard such a sad song? I look at the birds

and envy the confidence they hold in their own wings,

the joy they express in the finding of a grovelling worm.


But the pieces of my heart are steadfast still–they wait

for the wooingof the light.Soon, it will rise and pour

like a jar of honey over me and I will be covered–



in sweetstickydelight.


My holes will become holy and my cries

will blossominto songsof victory.


Have you ever tasted such a song?

Richer than King Solomon, fuller than the fiery bush

or the ancient land as it wept waters of destruction,


where onlyfaithfulnesscould save you?


I am youngI am weakbut I am learning:

the song of the Water Lily only rises

after receivingthe light.

© Copyright 2019 Abigail Wieser. All rights reserved.