Threads of Fate

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Submitted: July 30, 2018

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Submitted: July 30, 2018



A simple rope,

Your thread of fate.

So delicately weaved by Clotho’s hand,

That was your beginning.

A long life wished upon you by the second of the sisters,

However, this now is squandered.

Though I now know you had not control.

Atropos could not cut your thread for it had knotted, twisted and tied itself round your neck.

With one taut pull,

It snapped both you and it.

Then I chanced upon a second thread, 


Though corrupted still as with the first.

I did my best to keep it straight,

To keep the shear away.

I could not stop your tampering,

For the blade slipped from the thirds hands and pierced the thread,

From which life dripped.

The third you sabotaged without my notice,

Another life cut short.

I’d ask you why,

If I didn’t already know.

All of this, because you had no thread of your own,

Left alone without a fate.

Truth be told,

You don’t deserved one.


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