To My Parents

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I wrote this little piece, as appreciation for everything that my parents have done for me.

Submitted: July 30, 2018

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Submitted: July 30, 2018



To My Parents


Being a kid, I thought the world was mine

To use, to mess, to manipulate

I was convinced this thinking way was fine

I know some people who can correlate.


During my rebellious age, I did

So many things to make both parents weep

I felt the moment when you should have rid

In order to allow my sow to reap.


Day and night, you worked to let me study

Provided for my childish, selfish wish

How I paid back for your kindness? Cuddy,

I asked for more and spent it with a whish.


Looking at the past, my deep frustration

Was just a mask for all that inner grief,

Soul screaming help, mind in irritation,

My tongue was tied, the spoken moment brief.


And so, it lasted for the whole ten years,

Countless nights spent crying myself to sleep,

Wake up, I’m shaking, the ringing ears

Muted my soul’s attempts to try and leap.


I am sitting now, remembering the hell,

How did the devil let my soul to leave?

I had no reaching hand, no guiding bell

To lead me out of struggles or to heave.


I do remember now, it was the fear,

To be forgotten, to be left behind

Just like fifth wheel, you’d simply change the gear

Launching forwards and leaving me resigned.


In order to survive, I took my fate

And set my goals to reach for and complete.

I substituted love in place of hate,

Allowing my self-loathing to deplete.


I am now thirty with two kids of my own,

Sometimes I see my old self in their hurt,

But now I am aware to not leave lone,

Ensure their love and hate are not invert.


I thank parents for everything they did,

For the life’s irreplaceable lesson.

I now know what to leave and what to rid,

So kids are happy, as their burdens lessen.

© Copyright 2018 Yana Nester. All rights reserved.