Sincerely Me,

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Submitted: July 30, 2018

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Submitted: July 30, 2018



Sincerely Me,

I can’t write poetry, so what

You get what I’m saying, so go with the flow

To the question, yes, at best

No, life has not made me melt, yet

A challenging affair with several minds to sift through are involved

What a funny riddle to solve


I told you maybe, so allow love to go with the flow

Midnight, nope not tonight

Glass of wine, jazz, dip in the Jacuzzi yeah, that's right

This is just a beautiful rambling

Seeing how far my mind can stretch before, my thoughts start scrambling

I went on a Hardly ride today, played hooky from nurse duties,  just to be a grown kid and play

Wind blowing through my hair, inhaling the aroma of the Summer laden air

Weaving in and out of traffic irate drivers honking horns

A renegade in holy jeans, leather jacket, sunglass, combat boots, leather worn


I felt so young, taking excessive speeds to the brink

Eyes hidden behind my Kenneth Cole sunglasses

No time for my mind to catch up with me to think

Just me and the wind

God, such memories of being a teenager kicked in

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