Our Brighter Days Have Yet to Come

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Submitted: July 30, 2018

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Submitted: July 30, 2018



In the morning that comes

I am there next to you,

And I shudder awake to another damn day

In which you kiss my lips to give me life.

How much longer I should survive off you,

I wonder;

How much longer can you sustain me

Before I break?

I shuffle my feet through the day and

When you make me coffee I softly remind you

That the buzz left me long ago

And now my bones are dust and dry,

But still you are persistent and somehow,

After all this time,

Your eyes are still shining when mine were

Long ago consumed by the old,

Moth eaten pages of a forgotten book.

Once you wrote me a love poem,

And I told you I’d read it when

I was having a much happier day;

That day never came and the brittle words

That you’d carefully penned

Sat dying in the back of my closet,

Though I swear I never forgot about it.

I’d always had hope that you could

Be the one to rattle my bones and

Make me feel a tremor so deep,

That you’d return to me something I’d lost;

That hasn’t exactly happened yet,

But maybe it’s the hope that still remains

That you are, indeed, the only one who can,

The only one to save me,

And perhaps that’s why my skin still

Tingles ever so slightly when you touch it.

Sometimes it’s not a person’s fault

When they can no longer feel,

Feel the sunshine or feel the rain

Or feel how they felt standing at their

Favorite band’s concert, so full and alive,

So ready to take on the world,

No, it’s not always entirely your fault

When life drains from your veins

And sustention seems so futile and foreign.

Some days when we’re sitting on the front porch,

Though, I can forget how afraid I am of everything,

While you sing to me something I don’t know,

I can forget that the world rears its ugly head

And all evolution gave me

Was the flight and not the fight.

Some days I can look at you and wholeheartedly

Feel inside that you are the only one

Who could potentially shove my heart

Way past the maximum amount of beats per minute,

And it is this realization,

This sudden honesty in the air between us,

That can remind me that sometimes

Flowers still grow in the barren spot

Where a storm eliminated my childhood dreams.

When I am six feet under and

Rain has poured for days over my barren bones,

I hope that you’re the only one

Who would stand with an umbrella over my grave

To keep me company and bring me flowers,

So only to you may I be forever thankful,

Because that is all I can give and less than you deserve.

© Copyright 2018 Sarah Grace Taylor. All rights reserved.

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