Perennial Beauty

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Submitted: July 30, 2018

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Submitted: July 30, 2018



Usually the day is a journey I can't wait to set in motion.

So many questions,

But the answers will leave me feeling broken.

Then suddenly it's hard to breath

And I grasp darkness in the light. 

My very existence condemns me to my knees,

Far too weak to put up a fight.

My conflicts inside have been left unspoken. 

My frailty has been doubted and broken.

Now I'm alone and I want it this way,

Sorry for the pain I've caused. 

I seek out darkness a midst the day

As if to punish myself for what we've lost

But don't tell me what I want to hear. 

I just want to stay broken.

The part of me he has cost

Has left me silently scraped, screaming and broken. 

But I will wait, 

Dreaming of someone who'll help me through this

Although I know I'll linger forever 

Knowing no one can treasure the one tampered with the black kiss. 

A darkness in my soul in my only token. 

The Black Dahlia: beautiful, elegant, frail and unspoken. 

Empowering emotions I can't control have me thinking of the inevitable.

Although I socialize with the idea,

I understand this hollow pit in which I lay

Will soon be calm waves amongst the ocean. 

These feelings will subside, like grains of sand to the ocean floor

And like always, 

I will search and I will find the light that shines through the other door. 

My conflicts inside have been left unspoken.

My vitality, although questioned,

Cannot be broken. 

© Copyright 2019 J.M.Mason. All rights reserved.

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