the purple alligator

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even a small tale can ruin a family's life. a young girl hears about a special kind of creature and so she searches for it, but where'd she go? and what's that swimming away into the darkness?

Submitted: July 31, 2018

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Submitted: July 31, 2018



Once, there was a little girl, she was happy and carefree, except for her one fear. Every day, her parents would drive over a bridge to go to school or work. This bridge was narrow and old, with moss hanging from the sides and brick falling apart.

The girl was scared of this bridge because she thought that it would collapse at any moment, she'd cry or cover her face. No matter what her parents did, they couldn’t calm their poor daughter’s fear. Until one day, the Mother told the girl a story. A story about a Purple Alligator.

She told her that if the girl looked closely into the water, she might see a purple alligator and if she saw him, he’d give her any wish she desired, as long as she was the first one to spot him.

This eventually worked, and every time the parents would drive over the bridge, instead of being frightened, the young girl would look into the open water and seek this purple alligator.

This didn’t matter to the parents since they both knew the story was not real and all was well for a long time. Apart from a single overcast night...

One night, the little girl couldn’t go to sleep. She kept dreaming about the purple alligator.

She got out of bed and took her teddy bear in hope to search for it herself before anyone else saw him. Her desire was for her family to be happy forever and she wanted this more than anything. The little girl was afraid, but she hung onto her teddy tight and walked the long mile towards the old bridge.

After a few hours, her mother woke up to check on her, the little girl had disappeared and left behind were the untidy covers. She assumed that she was in the kitchen or perhaps the bathroom, but after another hour or so, that didn't seem likely. She looked around the house but the girl couldn’t be found.

Anxious about her missing child, she woke up the Father and after shaking, she told him that their daughter had left home. After a few minutes of thinking, the Mother remembered the story she had told the little girl. The Purple Alligator, the bridge.

The Father drove her to that bridge and when she saw what was like a shadow of a small girl by the water, she panicked and shouted for him to stop the car.


As the Mother launched the car door open and the Father stayed in the car, she stumbled unsteadily towards the water.

Although it was atramentous, the moon was full that night and its silvery beam shone onto the opaque crystal river.

As the Mother's eyes focused on the scene, her heart shattered and she collapsed into tears.

Her daughter wasn’t there.

In replace though, was a trail of dark red blood, ripped pyjamas and a teddy bear, and what looked like a purple alligator’s tail, slowly swimming off into the distance and escaping…


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