Canvas Birds

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High above the trenches bloody, the birds of war watch on.

Submitted: July 31, 2018

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Submitted: July 31, 2018



Canvas birds,

High aloft in a sky so clear.

Above the chaos,

In clouds of grey velvet.

Through April ever so bloody.

We fly, wishing never to touch the ground,

And never seeing them.

Reality comes back always to remind us of our job.

We are boys no longer,

Neither are they,

Left behind our youths at transports door. 

From suns harsh glare,

Materialise the talons of the Albatros.


No, two...

No twenty, forty.

All around and everywhere.

Their talons sharpe but so were ours,

We clip the hun birds,

One wing at a time.

We’ll show the bastards a simple pup can take on the most veteran bird of war.

The crescendo, 

It begins. The engine growl.

Our murderous ballet.

Get in close,

Aim for the beast in control.

Watch his long drop below,

Inferno bound.

A smeared red, bound in a broken cage of shattered wood.

While we return home, 

For heroes welcome.

For those we lost heaven bound,

A drink poured,

A seat empty,

And a hearty cheer.

My thought turn again to those canvas birds.

Our lifeline in those crimson skies.

The ground now only the affair of mortals,

We rule the air,

With no more than canvas, wood and wind.


© Copyright 2018 Khaos’ Champion. All rights reserved.

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