Rape Culture

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Submitted: July 31, 2018

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Submitted: July 31, 2018





Thank you for flicking my bra strap

Thank you for hugging me a little too long

Thank you for that locker room boy’s talk

Thank you for calling me “that type of girl”


Thank you for grading us

Thank you for the lingering gaze

And hands


Thank you for sexualizing my 12 year old body

Thank you for calling me a slut because I kissed a boy

And because I didn’t kiss you


Thank you for commenting on my body in front of your friends

Thank you for grabbing my thigh

Thank you for whistling at me because I was wearing shorts

because I was wearing pants

because I was wearing a parka

because I was wearing 2 parkas


Thank you for referring to me as a porn category

Thank you for hugging me at work while you shake my male coworkers’ hands


Thank you for sending me that unwanted dick picbecause you

“liked my picture so much”


Thank you for grabbing me while I danced with my friends

Thank you for yelling “hey baby”

“nice ass”

And "I’ll show you something to smile about”


Thank you for saying that I “owed you” because you bought me dinner

 because we were dating for 6months

Thank you for sending my naked pictures to your friends

And  posting them online


Thank you for touching me when I was passed out

Thank you for ignoring the guy touching me when I was passed out

Thank you for not telling on your boss



And friend


Thank you for coming onto me after buying that drink

Thank you for spiking that drink

Thank you for undermining my decision

Thank you for ignoring my “no”

“not right now” “maybe later”

And my crying


Thank you for forcing yourself on me

because we flirted

because I was alone

because I was alone at night

because we were friends

because I smiled back at you

because I didn’t smile back at you

because we were together

because I broke up with you

because I rejected your advances

because we did it before

because I “wanted it”


I say thanks,

because you’re supposed to say thank you for the things we ask for



-Rape Culture

© Copyright 2019 Kylee G. All rights reserved.

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