Rise of the King and Queen

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Rise of the king and queen

Years before Elliettel was born the Russia was controlled by four of the most vicious notorious families The Volksaya family the dyomochka family , the labazanov family and the kazahamad family.

Even though these families had treaties conflicts surged in the interior of them ,the main troublesome conflict was the continuous death and killings between the labazanov and the dyomochka family from “ unexpected incident “ over gang killing the labazanov and dyomochka had bothered the rest of the family with the intention to subdue the power of one over the other


  • -Well that’s fairly easy , all we have to do is to annihilate the potential heads of the dyomochka family – spoke malkov head leader of the labazanov family
  • -But sir we cannot do such thing the other families will not allow this never the less if we do this we… - suddenly a gun shot was heard around the house

Shooting a hole thro the mans chest the thud of his corpse collapsing on the floor made an impact on the other members

  • -Any one has any other idea on how we can finish off the dyomochka from this earth – he said looking at his six-shot colt pistol smoking from the recent shot

His men looking still without a feeling in their eyes as their partner lied bleeding on the floor his son Sasha Labazanov stood from behind his fathers desk and looked over a pile of paper staked in one corner of the desk

  • -What about a massacre – said Sasha fixing his glasses, as his father grinned with a smile from ear to ear he responded
  • - Go on , what do you have in mind son ? – he replied with his grin expanding even more
  • -We can lure them into a trap , thinking we want to give up , but we will ambush them from all sided – he said stabbing a knife into the desk of his father , messing the pile of papers and breaking thro some of them
  • -They will never fall for anything like it – his father replied
  • perhaps you should shoot your self too … father -he said as he put his hands on the father’s gun


A week later Sasha had found him self dining with his parent as they plotted still the elimination of the Dyomochka family the food laid over a long table father and son discussed their strategies , still insisting on his plan to ambush the dyomochka family and commit a mass murder Sasha had gone to great length to achieve his goal including getting intel on the family by small groups of people who where affiliate to the cause of eliminating the family , suddenly a cough started to shake the room as his father started to shake , pointing with a fork to his father face Sasha said

  • -What’s the matter father you look a little pale -while his father looking and gasping for air started to yell and aid for help , Sasha looking at his wrist watch smiled 
  • -Now – as a group of men entered the exact same moment Sasha said  “now “

Sasha fling his fork to one of the men’s , Sasha was trained since kid to protect him self and his ambition over battles lead him to become one of the family most valuable assassins.

  • -What’s the matter kot got your tongue? – said Sasha before beheading the man right in front of his father the blood of the man fell over the fathers face and Sasha clothe
  • -Ugh – sighed Sasha- now I will have to change, this is a real bother – said talking to him self

Looking at his father Sasha tilted hi head to the side and smiled wide while his pupils expanded at the sight of all the blood around the room

  • -What’s the matter father – said Sasha with a maniacal chuckle


  • -Dint I said you should kill your self, after all that’s all you do to men who don’t follow your rules, why should you be any less the same – replied Sasha looking as the dagger that was used to kill the men that tried to help his father
  • -Its not any different hehe its painful is it not – his sight blurred from excitement and enjoyment as he saw his own father been poisoned by him
  • - But you know – he replied to him self touching the tip of his knife
  • -Poison is really not – she stabbed his fathers neck beheading it also on the table, leaving his head on top of a plate of food
  • -Style, ah no one will miss you in this dammed house, no one liked you any ways, at least not enough to save you too bad that guy entered oh well bat time bad place I guess, that’s why all of this house allied next to me to become the next house hold as fast as it could be done- explaining his plan to his dead father he walked out of the dinning room to find more than thirty of his henchmen waiting outside of the house
  • - come on men, time to eliminate a family from the books said Sasha as he marched out with his henchmen  


  • -We have the full suspicion that the labazanov family are plotting against our family and the rest of the head family are not going to lift a hand to either stop them or help us due to out past arguments with the family – said Alexander the head of the dyomochka family

As alexander and his men reunited in the room the doors opened with a loud thud as his daughter Liliya entered the dorm where the men reunited her father greeted her with a kiss in both cheeks, smiling Liliya stepped aside behind her father and listen to the conversation

  • -All my men should be very well aware do not let your guard down at any moment – said the head of the family

In a moment of silence between the men Liliya stepped out behind her father and said – why don’t we just eliminate their head master of the family – with a grin face to face she stood idly by looking at every one in the room

Just as Sasha Liliya was train for self-defense combat and was a fierce woman the only difference that stood between her and Sasha was that Liliya had a lower body count wen it came to killing, her passion was not quickly dispose of her enemy her self rather than torture them until they hand from the last breath of life and let whom ever was with her give the final pull of the trigger

  • -But sir that’s insane how can we do such things the other families will never allow something like this – said one of his men slamming his hand on Liliya father desk, as her father looked as the henchmen hand he took a knife from his deck and stab the men right in the middle of his palm pinning his hand against the desk


  • -I suggest that if you don’t want to get shot in the fucking face you move your hand from my desk without touching my knife – said alexander filled with hatred in his eyes while looking at the bloody hand from his men


As the henchmen tried to take his hand out without touching the blade with his other hand he cowered and scream in pain, as the first yell from the scream resounded from his throat alexander shot him between his eyes 

  • -Cowards weak bastards – said alexander taking his knife off the desk and cleaning it with a handkerchief

Liliya stared trembling, her eyes scanning all the blood over the desk, her kneed pressing together frail close to fall she grabbed her stomach with the right hand and her mouth with the left as she began to hyperventilate

  • Ah I’m sorry my sweet kitten I forgot you where sensible to the sight of blood, very well this meeting is done for today everyone out- commanded alexander as all the men including Liliya stepped out of his chamber


A week later after the discussion of the elimination of the family Labazanov

  • -It has come to my attention that the labazanov family wants to arrange a treaty of peace , of course I don’t believe in these action but they might have  been forced to sign these treaties by the rest of the most powerful families commanding in Russia , the information came to us in a letter describing the conditions , time and place where should be done , today we will move for the to the designated location , I want all of you to be on high alert do not let your self get charmed by their spells and we will follow the plan at the sign of my hand we will eliminate the head family member of the labazanov –

Alexander and his men including Liliya went down the place where the letter pointed out, it was a ruined down warehouse storage out side of the city limits where the past drug cartels used to move the cocaine around both to produce and hide. the two families meet face to face on the warehouse and for the greater surprise of the dyomochka the first to appear was Sasha

  • - Boy where is your head master – exclaimed alexander
  • -My father was feeling sick he could not show to the sinning and left me in charge of it, the next in line heir of the labazanov family – replied Sasha
  • -I shall not be presented with such mockery if your father is not here then we will be on our way- stormed alexander as his furious look was getting even more intense
  • - So, you’re saying you will not sign out peace treaty hum fine, - Sasha stepped back and turned walking behind his men 
  • -Kill them all – he whispered

As alexander saw the movements of the henchmen grabbing its gun he gave the signal to attack and open fire against the labazonov , as the fire began and men from both sides started to collapse Liliya entered the room and dogged some of the fire hiding behind a beam of steel , looking over at the fierce battle she saw her father laid on the floor after been hit from one bullet that recoil from the fire Sasha in the middle of the battle vanished behind enemy lines and began do slit the throat of the Dyomochka men one after the other evening the fight as the dyomochka had more men than those of his own family

As Sasha killed a third man he saw the salute of Liliya, grabbed the knife from one of the Dyomochka throat and chased after running out side over and not been able to see anything Sasha turned and nearly missed been hit on the head by Liliya who was on top of some creates hiding waiting for him, Liliya ducked down and swiped Sasha to the floor, recovering from the leg swipe Sasha spins in one hand getting back up pointing his knife at Liliya

  • -Who the fuck is you – he yelled at Liliya
  •  -I’m the one who’s going to put an end to your miserable life scumbag – replied Liliya to Sasha

Coming in from a frontal attack with his knife Liliya kicked the knife out of a fueled raged Sasha making it bounce few feet away, Sasha engaged with his fist and hit Liliya on her left rib, Liliya backed her way few feet as blinded by rage Sasha kept throwing punches while Liliya evade them running inside the warehouse Sasha went to look for his knife and went inside, Liliya then swings down a beam and hits Sasha breaking one his left arm bones

  • -I like a woman with a good kick – smiled and chuckled Sasha while he saw his arm crumpled unable to move it he picked the knife with his other hand and began to pant in excitement
  • -Come on why don’t you give me another fucking hit bitch – he yelled in pure ecstasy and enjoyment

Liliya swung down from the beam where she was and saw Sasha bleeding some from the arm, the hit was strong enough to break thro the skin causing him to bleed Liliya panted as same as Sasha and began to blush and fluster while her sight was focused on her blood, biting her lips she replied

  • -I want to see more of that blood of you in my own hands – she smiled pressing her knees together

In an instant Sasha and Liliya both took a shot to each other Sasha threw his knife to Liliya and Liliya shot Sasha with a gun she picked up after she went inside as both of them saw each other directly with cold dead eyes the most surprising of event happened, Liliya shot went through Sasha arm with a clean Breakthru without damaging any vital components killing one of her own henchmen meanwhile Sasha knife scraped her neck killing one of his own henchmen,

-if anyone is going to kill you its going to be me its been so long since I’ve had so much fun like this I would not any one else finish this gamer – Said Sasha with a tremendous loud voice excited beyond any pleasure he has ever felt his body reacting to every movement of Liliya

Perplexed Liliya placed her hand in her neck as it was bleeding a small cut was enough to make her blood run through her hands covering her fingers looking at the blood she stopped fighting and began immersed herself on her thoughts

  • -T this … is  this my .. my blood, this blood … rushing from my neck, I .. I the smell, its so hot and red it .. it is my blood – as her eyes began to blur and widen at the sight otver the blood on her hand Sasha started to walk closer to her while Liliya began to smell the blood on her hand
  • -Oh, I’m sorry, did I hurt little miss princess – while Sasha walked toward Liliya he saw her expression and how her body squirmed he understood that she was as same as he was
  • -Yes, aaahh yess this is amazing this is how it tastes, my own blood ahh I love it mph– Liliya began to moan as she raised her head looking to the ceiling closing her eyes moving her tongue around her fingers while she sucked and savoring her own blood as she drooled over her hand while sucking the blood from her hands
  • -Mmh this is how my blood ahhhh it tastes so good – she kept moaning while rubbing her inner thigs in lust her body began to heat as she squirmed close to an orgasm at the same time Sasha arrived next to her and whisper to her ear, and with
  • -You are done for – said Sasha as he delivered a kick to her stomach sending her tumbling against a wall behind her

Liliya screamed in pain but at the same time a wide grin appeared on her face as she began to laugh looking at Sasha, filled with lust she picked her self up from the wall and tilted her neck bolding both of one arms up as she was asking for Sasha to take her hand, her tongue licked the remains of blood trace from her face while Sasha got close to her and pinned her to the wall with his only working arm and strained her neck with his forearm  

 Sasha began to lick over her neck as Liliya stuck her fingers inside of Sasha wound making it bleed even more , excited Sasha and Liliya frenched kiss mixing both  of the blood hers and Sasha they looked into each other’s  eyes and smiled to each other bringing Liliya to his waist , Liliya wrapped her legs to Sasha’s waist , mixing their blood in their mouth Sasha stripped Liliya from her tops as well as Liliya to Sasha ,looking at his wound Sasha pushed her self forward to claw her nails behind his back and lick his wound as Sasha bit Liliya enough to break thru her skin forcing her to bleed , squirming around  each other the couple express their new love in front of the corpses of their men and Liliya father whom laid dead on front of both of them  of the dead men in the warehouse

Submitted: July 31, 2018

© Copyright 2022 luneth. All rights reserved.

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