Andreas Encarnacion; Part 5

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The end of fashion designer Andreas Encarnacion's story

Submitted: July 31, 2018

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Submitted: July 31, 2018



34-year-old Andreas Encarnacion's depression had not gotten any better in recent months. Even though his ever growing Pegasis Sire fashion line continued to have sucess, and he was married to gorgeous model Erin Kenneth-Encarnacion, Andreas' depression had worsened. He still saw a therapist regularly. He also hadn't relapsed with his pill addiction, having been clean for a very long time. Andreas' depression had worsened over the last two years. He had been living in his Miami home as a recluse for the last two years with Erin.

Things would get even worse during a major arguement with Erin, in which the police were called. Andreas and Erin both were arrested for domestic violence. As per court order, Andreas was ordered to live in his Anaheim, California home, and to stay away from Erin. This naturally ended their short marriage in the worst possible way. Andreas' breakup made the news everywhere.

Things had reached a point for Andreas that he could no longer deal with. Things had gotten the worst they've ever been for him. Finally, Andreas would finally take drastic action. On a Friday night, in his Anaheim home, he would end his life with a suicide by gunshot. He was found dead the next day by a maid on his bedroom floor with a single fatal gunshot wound to the head. The police came, and eventually the news leaked to the world.

"Fashion designer Andreas Encarnacion was found dead from an apparent suicide this morning in Anaheim. Encarnacion had recently broken up with his wife, model Erin Kenneth. Encarnacion was 34 years old." The news reporter read on the morning news. 

A large number of people were devastated by Andreas' suicide. His funeral would be held in his native Granada, Spain. Andreas had no other living family aside from his elderly mother. His father had died years ago from heart problems. Thousands of fans of Pegasis Sire came to the funeral in Granada, naturally wearing Pegasis Sire clothing and other items. As per his will, Andreas was buried in his favorite boots and leather jacket and his beloved jewlery. 

However, even after his suicide, some people continued to brutally make fun of Andreas on social media. Most people still brought up Pierre, and made fun of Andreas in the most mean sprited ways. There was several Reddit forums in which people wrote incredibly mean things about Andreas. This would continue for another year before most people eventually moved on from him. Eventually another celebrity would become the target of their anger and ire. 

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