The 10th Symphony

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This is a story, of a man defying the curse of the 9th symphony, beating the odds by completing a 10th symphony, plus a solo

Submitted: July 31, 2018

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Submitted: July 31, 2018



The smell of Sulphur was overwhelming as I walked through this dark space, there were no walls that I could see because of the darkness. On the sides of me though were broken pianos and violins, I felt like I was being followed but couldn’t look behind me, the sound of one noise played loud, this was the only sound the room had made. I couldn’t Identify the note, it was something mystical something of another world, as I walked forward, it seemed as if broken instruments piled up to the top of the roof looking as if it’ll fall, I looked closely to a saxophone that tilted over me, I watched it drop, and dent, but it begin to shapeshift. I watched it closely until it burst into flames. I ran, I ran as fast as I could, all of the instruments seem to burn, smoke clogged my throat and I begin to cough which slowed me down until I seen a big gray door that stood in front of me.

I pushed the door, not caring where it lead. Inside was a stage, a man with a cloak, and mask sat at the piano playing the tunes of Phantom of The Opera, “Hey.” I said, “Hey you know, there’s fire out there.” I begin to walk towards him, but his presence became ominous. I decided to stop in my tracks, he then got up and stood at the piano, I looked at him, no eyes, very dark presence, he stuck his hand out as to say sit, and a sudden force pushed me into the seat, I was nervous, I didn’t know what to play, a ghastly whisper, that could’ve sent shrills through anyone spine said “Play” I then looked to him and half of his lower face was gone, blood dripped, and only the teeth of his upper row was left.


I was shaking, I had woken up in heavy perspiration, I kept having this dream which affected my ability to sleep, I’d soaked the bed sheets, my beautiful wife Kenya woke up along side me and would rub my back, “babe, it’s ok.” She said tiredly while rubbing my back. I checked the alarm clock and to my surprise it was just 3:45 am. 4 hours before I had to get up and go to work, I decided to go back to bed. The next time I woke up, I woke up to my wife making breakfast, I got ready and rushed to the kitchen where she stood in her silk night gown with her hair wrapped up, “There’s the love of my life, come get you some breakfast.” She said, she had just cooked eggs, bacon and pancakes, I walked behind her smacking her ass and kissing her lips, she chuckled and turned around, “I love you, don’t you have a couple of minutes.” She said while trying to pull my leather jacket off, “Noo baby, I gotta go, and I love you too.” I kissed her and pulled away, she tried tugging on my hand and I pulled her close, kissing her passionately, “Don’t goo, make love to me.” She pouted,

“Baby you gonna make me late for my meeting.” I then turned away grabbing my suitcase heading out for the door, “DON’T FORGET ABOUT OUR DATE WITH OUR FRIENDS.” She yelled, I ran out, and headed for the train, only hearing bits and pieces.

New York is a bustling city, no need to take a car when there’s public transit. When I walked outside, I could smell Fall, I loved this time of the year, I caught my train and bus and headed to the University of New York where I taught orchestra. it was the beginning of the school year, and I managed to teach 40 students this time, orchestra for most was considered boring, but I loved it. I ran into the Proffesors sitting area, and most of them were seated or preparing to be seated. “hey James.” Mr. Collins nodded, he was a middle aged white man who had just divorced his wife so he had a lot of free time, I would invite him to the house and we would have drinks, everyone else seemed sunken and tired. “Hey everybody.” “Hey.” Most of them mumbled, “You heard about the new teaching policy?” one of the teachers asked while making their coffee, “No, What’s it about?” I asked, “Well some dumb ass in office thought it would be a good idea, to cut the budget for arts and music class…said it’s not really important.” Collins answered, Music was my life, I was considered the best musician in the school considering my prodigy background. “They’ll do what they want it can’t stop us.” I answered, “Oh yes it can.” The Art professor answered, “Me and my students are used to going to Galleries for free, I wanted to take them to the Lourve this fall but we won’t be expecting funding.” She insisted, “Well I got a way…I’m writing a 10th symphony we’ll make money with it, we’ll fund the arts that way.” “Good luck with that, that’s like reading Tominos Hell out loud.” Collins chuckled.


After the meeting I walked to my classroom, students were already present, I walked to my podium and got myself situated, I watched as all the students sat and got themselves situated. I called roll, but I managed to look up, in the far corner a boy in a phantom opera costume sat down quietly, I hadn’t even notice he walked into my room. Flashbacks of the dream entered my mind, and I got a little daze, a few of the students looked at me odd but I managed to pull it back, I looked back and the boy still sat there with his mask on, I ignored it since he was probably some jack ass making fun of orchestra, “Ugh sorry class, um let’s play ICE Breaker, so we can get to know one another.” I passed the paper to one student in front of me,

“First, Welcome to Orchestra 108, Pass it around, while yall pass it around the classroom, I’ll tell yall a little bit about me, My name is James Dudley, I’m a 27 year old orchestra professor, it’s my 2nd year at this school, I’m married, I love my wife dearly, um I actually attended this school, and luckily got tenure I had a 4.0 GPA, plus I made the school a lot of money, every instrument in this class room I know how to play, since I was 4 I managed to pick up an instrument and play it, my mom call my hands a gift from God. Anyway, I’ve made successful prints of music, like “Platos Moon”, “Dusk and Dawn” you’ve probably heard of them with “Russian Snow” being my 9th symphony, I had been writing music since I was younger until my dad died, I took a break, and managed to get back at it. Do anyone have any questions?” I ask, one girl raised her hand, “Hey I’ve heard of your music, I love when you play the E chord, I’m a right hander, is it hard to play with your right hand?” All of a sudden, the boy with the phantom mask was whispering in the back, I then turned to look at him “Is there anything, you would like to say?” I asked, facing the boy, “play…play…play…” he kept repeating, as I looked at him, he jumped up and yelled, “PLAY…PLAY.” He then laughed hysterically, and walked out, shrills ran down my spine, he walked pass me and the atmosphere turned cold, “Mr. Dudley.” The girl said, “I’m sorry, ask me again.”


After a long, crazed day, I got home, my wife and our married friends Trent and Rebecca sat on the couch drinking wine. “Hey babe!” she said excitedly, she kissed me, an I kissed her back “Hey.” I said, “Long day at work?” my friend Trent asked, “Ya.” I chuckled, I walked into the back and put my belongings up, I walked into the living room, and grabbed something to eat, “Honey Honey hear this.” She said, “Trent, and Rebecca are GETTING AN APARTMENT HERE!” she yelled excitedly, “Aww man that’s awesome.” I replied, my energy was all of a sudden drained, “Good news for the women right James.” Trent asked, I then nodded, I sat next to my wife and we held hands, an Ouija board sat in the middle of the table, my face went cold, “I figured since It was on sale…why not?” Rebecca asked, I guess she sensed, the blackness leave my face, “Honey you ok?” Kenya asked, “Ya I’m great.” “One of them little girls rowl you up?” Trent asked and chuckled, Rebecca nudged him. “Stop, that’s not cool.” “Hey Hey, you know I’m messing around, me and James been friends for years, a couple of jokes won’t end this friendship.” In the back of my mind I thought about the boy in my class room. “Honey, Honey?” my wife asked, “What?” “You ok?, we don’t have to play, I know how religious you are” she said,  I took a shot of bourbon that sat on the table and rubbed my hands, “WHEW! “I’m good,  I’m ready.”

Rebecca unboxed the Ouija board, and we placed our hands on the planchette, “OOO spooky.” Rebecca said, “Hello.” We said in harmony, the planchette stood still, “Who’s here?” the planchette moved to say SERGEI, one of the best pianist of all times, I held many of his records, “Sergei Rachmanioff, one of the greatest pianist, but why would he be here.” The planchette begin to move rapidly, we slowly looked down at what it said, “D..O…NOT…PLAY…THE…10TH….SYMPHONY.” it spelled out, I then let go, no one knew about that but my wife, “WHO’S MOVING THE PIECE?” I yelled, “No one I swear.” Kenya answered while rubbing my back, “Man fuck this game.” I then got up, everyone let go of the planchette, and it begin to move on it’s own, it rapidly spelled play over and over again, everyone was spooked out, “Oh fuck!” Trent said, Rebecca sat down, and grabbed the planchette, “GOODBYE!” she yelled, the planchette moved to No, and it kept spelling play, she said “No!, Goodbye.” It finally stopped, and she place it on “Yes”

After a few drinks, we sat still, not wanting to say anything, we were still a little frighten, “oh yes, I almost forgot, let me show you the kids.” Rebecca said while pulling her phone out to show her kids, a boy and girl stood in front of Rebecca and Trent, “awwww they getting so big.” Kenya said, “absolutely, Megan is already playing soccer, while George is well, he’s picked up a violin, so we’re gonna give him lessons.”

“I can’t wait to adopt.” Kenya said, I just chuckled, she was trying to start something.

“Oh ya you can, George gonna be a James.” Trent said while sipping his drink,

“Nah better than me.” I answered,

“So why can’t yall have kids of your own, with such a lovely apartment and the both of you making well over $100,000, now would be a great time.” I Then got up, “I’m going to bed.” I said, Trent and Rebbeca looked at me, I walked in the back, but I could hear Kenya, “He can’t have kids, due to an accident that happened on a bike.”

I had got into the shower, and hopped into my night clothes, while brushing my teeth Kenya walked in with an attitude getting ready as well. “What’s wrong with you James, ever since you finished your 9th symphony, you’ve been acting pretty weird.”

“Weird how? Weird like telling company our private business, not cool Kenya.”

“Well I’m sorry, maybe if you said don’t tell anyone I wouldn’t.”

“Youre my wife, why should I tell you something you should already know? Don’t wait up, I wont be in bed.”

“Oh come on babe, don’t be like that, It hurts that I can’t have your babies.”

“But you knew that before we got married.”

I went to bed, but had the same dream, again I woke up at 3:45am, Kenya was sound asleep, I woke up to a cold sweat. Instead of going back to bed, I got up and pulled out an empty piece of paper, I sat at the desk for hours writing notes, wondering what would sound good. “Play” kept going back and forth in my head, so I kept writing, anything to take the delusions from my mind. My days would get longer, my restless nights would add up, weeks would pass and I felt a disconnection from my wife. One day I followed the same routine, but this one was different I walked into the house with my wife dimming the lights playing soft music, I was excited, we hadn’t made love In months, that was probably why I had felt annoyed these past few months. “Baby come back here.” I heard her call out, I dropped my bag and threw my leather jacket to the floor, I was undressing on my way to the bedroom. The bedroom had candles lit everywhere she laid on the bed in red satin lingerie, she smiled at me, and motioned me to come near, the sounds of Teddy Pendergrass played in the background, I crawled on top of her, and kissed her passionately, we made love, with no condom, we climaxed at the same time and managed to get up for a warm bath, which she prepared with bubbles and roses, I sat down in the tub and she sat behind me with her soft brown legs wrapped around me while rubbing my back.

“I been so inconsiderate of what you been going through, with your music, your students, our marriage, and I don’t mean to be your stress baby.” She said, I nodded my head in agreement, but I knew what I was going through wasn’t her fault, “Ya, I aint been the best husband, but I love you, and it aint you…. it’s this um this dream I keep having.” “what’s it about?” she asked, I was going through the motions on my own not even remembering to tell her what I was going through, I managed to tell her the dream in great detail and she was silent. “Babe, you ever think about going to see a sleep therapist?” she asked, I shook my head, “Hadn’t come to mind, I’ll sat an appointment…other than that let’s get back to making love.”


Though I had a good night, I still couldn’t manage to sleep, I had this stubborn energy, that wouldn’t go anywhere, so I kept working on my music, I knew I was in the middle of it, it was going great too, I could imagine my students playing it, I could imagine it being the best symphony to date. The next day I was using the bathroom when I went to piss, Collins then walked in, “Hey man, aint seen you around lately.” He said while taking a piss, “Ya man been busy.” He then looked at me, “You getting any sleep, fuck you look worse than how I feel.” I chuckled, because I didn’t know what he was talking about, “Lay off them monsters man.” he washed his hands and left out, I looked in the mirror and dark bags were under my eye, as I looked in the mirror, a dark shadow swiftly ran across the mirror, I looked back and no one was there, “Hello?” I asked, no one was there, as I turned around, the man with the half face stood in the mirror and the words play was on the mirror in red. I bust out the bathroom running into a student, “Gosh watch where youre going!” they grunted, I rushed back to my classroom, where the students were loud and talking, “Alright class, lets get to it.” My desk was a mess, I had everything everywhere, I was trying to look for my music, “Wheres my music my music?” I asked, the class looked at me like I was crazy, “DON’T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT!” I yelled, they begin to look around, and one female student raised her paper, “This music?” she asked, “Yes.” I then exhaled, I was sweating profusely, then the boy with the phantom mask on begin to laugh, “GET OUT OF MY CLASS!” I yelled, “OUT!” he begin to laugh louder, “Mr. DUDLEY!, NO ONE IS THERE!” a female student yelled. I was breathing hard, anger, anger rushed through me, my head begin to pound, I closed my eyes hard and looked again, she was right no one was there. I rubbed my head, and looked down at my paper, I looked up and everyone had the half face of the man in my dreams, I jumped and backed up hitting the board, I closed my eyes hoping that this was a nightmare, because it wasn’t real, “It’s not real, it’s not real.” I kept repeating, I opened my eyes and the students just looked at me, “Class is dismissed, you guys study this music, please, we have 2 more months.”


After class, I managed to schedule a date with the doctor, I got to the doctor’s office and had my physical. “Open Wide….alright, Looks like everything is good.” The doctor said while checking my eyes. He was taking his gloves off writing on the clip board, “Mr. Dudley, have you been getting any sleep?” he asked, I shook my head, I was too obsessed with this music, the most obsessed I’d ever been with my music. “Getting sleep is important, if not you start to hallucinate, that’s  bad, you’ll collapse, how long has it been since you got a full night’s rest?”

“Well a month ago, I just nap from time to time, but I wake myself up, been having these dreams that’s been making my head pound.” I answered, “What is the dream about?” I then told him the dream in detail, “Oh man that’s a heck of a dream, I’ll give you a prescription of anti-depressant sleeping pills to put you to sleep.” “I don’t wanna go to sleep, please.” “You have to, no if ands or buts.”

After leaving the doctors office, I went to the closest Pharmacy to pick up a prescription of the sleeping pills, I got home and my wife left a note on the door.

“Dinner is in the fridge, I’ll be back tomorrow, helping my coworker cope with the lost of her dog.” I chuckled, and walked in. I was alone, I missed her already, I took some pills and got ready for bed, I hopped in the bed, but drifted off to sleep.

The loud noise of Beethoven Moonlight Sonata rang through my ears, I had walked into my old room, that I occupied as a small boy. My bed was done, my violin sat in the corner, music notes sat on the dresser, I tried to open the door but it was locked. I could hear my father yell “Its for your own good!” he constantly yelled, my door was locked from the outside. I looked in the closet, and I found a little me sitting sobbing, he managed to get up and grab the music paper to continue writing music. He wrote fast, and I looked at the paper to see what he had been writing, it was a collage of music notes that ran across the page, even beyond the breaking line. His tears dripped loosening the ink on the paper. I considered it to be lost notes, he kept writing, which got faster, and a deep ominous feeling ran through me, he was a slave to music, he kept writing, until all of a sudden, he wrote play constantly on the paper.

I grabbed the paper, but the paper and the boy disappeared, the door cracked open, I walked out of the room, and heard a loud bang, I quickly ran downstairs, “PAPA!” I yelled, anything behind me turned black, I ran downstairs to the sound, which came from the living room, blood splattered the couch, to my surprise my father sat on the couch with a gun shot wound exiting the top of his head, I’d never seen anything like it. I was distraught, I walked in front of him, and everything that disappeared was restored to the furniture of the house, my father was sitting on the couch watching tv drinking a beer, and cleaning his gun, which he frequently did, but I guess he didn’t empty the chamber. As he cleaned it, it seemed to perfectly align up under his chin, where he accidentally shot himself. I watched as the trigger was pulled, and his brain matter hit the wall. “PAPA!” I cried out, the laughter of the boy rang through loud, and the house I once knew as a sense of peace shattered becoming darkness, I found myself back on stage at the piano, this time I was playing notes I hadn’t known, but beyond my ability to stop, I felt a piercing pain shoot through my ear, I felt warm blood fall down my neck, someone was grabbing on my ear, my sense of sound left, I kept playing, but I managed to look down and see someone had cut off my ear, I screamed, but couldn’t stop playing, I looked up and the man with the half face yelled PLAY.


I jumped up into a cold sweat, still 3:45am, I managed to get 7 hours of sleep, I jumped up and continue to write my music, I wrote until 7am, where I called my manager and told her I wouldn’t make it in today. I continued to write until the symphony was finished, I would name it, The 10th Requiem. It was 3 weeks before the major symphony of New York, the next day I returned to work, I told my students to create posters, we would all wear mask, as a group, the headline would say, “ONE COME ALL, THE AMAZING FINISHING TO A 10TH SYMPHONY” we would post it all around the school, and New York City, me and my students would practice in the classroom for days, even after school, if able, we mastered the 10th symphony, which they said sounded dark, but hopeful, in which it was. “Mr. Dudley, aren’t you afraid of the 10th symphony curse?” one of my students asked, “No, I don’t believe in superstitions, If I did I wouldn’t have made it.” I answered while chuckling. A cold sweat came over me, “whew why am I sweating?” “Mr. Dudley are you ok?” a student asked, I heard echoes of my students freak out as I passed out, everything went black.


My father stood near the window seal, his back turned to me looking out the window of our house, he stood still, before I could hear him speak, he turned around, “You gave your soul up son.” He said, a clear hole was in the middle of his chin and neck, “How so?” I wasn’t afraid, I seen the incident as if It was clear as day. “The 9th completes the 10th is a curse, no one lives beyond the 9th, as I see it you’re already a dead man.” He said, “IM NOT DEAD! YOURE DEAD! I HAVE EVERYTHING TO LIVE FOR” I yelled, he then laughed, “where do you think you are? Do you think the Devil will let you go free without a price, your pride has deceived you, when you were just a young boy, in order to continue our lineage, I had to sacrifice your soul to the Devil, see the reason you cant have kids, you cant pass your greatness on, if you do, with the powers in those hands, you must die and become a legend, then you’ll live with me for eternity in the coldest parts of hell.” He let out an evil cackle, “YOURE NOT MY FATHER! HE WOULD NEVER!” I yelled

I then awoke, my eyes were hurt by the bright lights of a hospital, my wife ran by my side as well as my mother, “Baby, baby are you alright? We heard you fell out in the room.” My doctor then walked in, “it’s a minor case of insomnia, are you getting enough sleep.” It was always sleep, I didn’t need sleep, I needed to be with my students to perfect this symphony. “I slept, I slept, I’m fine.” I answered.

I was able to go home, which I got home to create posters, and my obsession grew stronger. I couldn’t stop perfecting my music, I played the piano that sat in the house for hours, my wife stood behind me in her night gown, “I’m pregnant.” She said, those were pierced my heart, I knew I couldn’t get anyone pregnant, she had to be cheating, but I was in love, infatuated with my music to not care for what she said, I kept playing. I played louder to drain out the I’m pregnant, I played, and played I closed my eyes to imagine sliding on the notes, jumping out of this world onto the world of classical music, where the piano was played without mistakes, where the cello was most appreciated. I then felt someone slap me, I awoken, and it was my wife, “LISTEN TO ME!”  she yelled, I got up and grabbed her hands, “DON’T YOU EVER HIT ME YOU WHORE!” I yelled, tears streamed down my face, regardless on any fantasy I could convey, her adultery hurt me. “WHAT’D YOU MEAN WHORE? IT’S YOUR CHILD GROWING IN ME!” she yelled, “CAN’T BE! I can’t get a woman pregnant, you know that.” I then walked away, slamming the bedroom door. I sat in the room for a few minutes with my head down, I jumped up, putting my clothes on, and my jacket to face the autumn weather. “Where are you going?” she asked while grabbing my arm, I snatched away, “I need some air.”

I walked the streets of New York, the city was bustling, music coming from every angle, and I loved It, it begin to snow, the weather dropped and it became chilly, I walked to a nearby bridge, where people were walking and talking. I leaned on the rail, looking at the water beneath us, a man then approached me, a tall white male in a drab trench coat, as if he stepped out of the 70s, “Hey you’re that Dudley guy, who play amazing symphonies at the University of New York.”

“Thanks man.” I said, “How’d you know?” I asked,

“Well I have been going for several years to see you play, even in your freshman year of College.”

“Ya I guess I’m good.” A feeling of despair came upon me, something in my gut urged me to run but I wouldn’t, “Hey man, that 10th symphony don’t do it.”

“Why not?” I asked, “Because it’ll be your demise.” He then let out a knife, stabbing me in the stomach 3 times, “Don’t say I never told you so.”, he placed it back into his pocket and ran off, a woman saw the incident, “OH MY GOD, THAT MAN JUST STABBED HIM!” she yelled, I held onto my stomach, I saw the blood, I felt it, a local man ran to help me, I managed to get up and push pass him, I ran home, and banged on the door, my wife opened, and I fell onto the floor.

She then screamed, I took my clothes off, wondering why everything was stopping me from doing this 10th symphony, my wife was a Physician Assistant, she pulled my shirt up and gasped, “What’s the matter?” she asked, “I’ve been stabbed.” She searched my body and shook her head, “No you haven’t.” “A MAN JUST STABBED ME!” I yelled, I begin to search where I had pain, but couldn’t find the wounds, I got up shocked and embarrassed, and to my surprise there were no knife marks.

 3 weeks would pass, it was the day before the Symphony, this was a major event, I had managed to dodge sleep, by taking naps, I knew I was stabbed, but there were no marks no bruises nothing. My mother invited me and Kenya to have dinner before the event so we went to her house. “Hey ma.” I greeted while hugging her, she looked at and kissed me all over the face, “My son aint been getting rest, oooo.” She squeezed tight, she then hugged and kissed Kenya, we walked to the dinner table, where my step father Alan was already seated, she managed to cook mash potatoes, gravy, a chicken, dinner rolls, greens, a sweet potato pie, we got settled and sat down to eat. We caught up, and she poured the wine, I got up to use the guest bathroom which was downstairs near the kitchen, I could overhear them “So darling, you been keeping my son up?” my mother asked Kenya while laughing, “No he’s been keeping himself up, with the music, his obsession.”

“Mmm the music, I see…just like his father.” She said, I stormed into the dining room, and slammed my hands down on the dinner table, “You let em do it to me!” I yelled, Kenya was frightened and grabbed my hand, “Baby calm down.”

“NO!” “You told me he died by a robbery, you wouldn’t let me see him, he killed himself ACCIDENTALLY, WHY LIE?” my mother jumped and looked at me, “You DON’T EVER QUESTION ME, DON’T EVER TALK TO ME LIKE THAT! I loved your father, he didn’t love me or himself! YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT WENT ON!”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” I yelled,

“It’s best you calm down son.” Alan said, I tried to jump over the table and Kenya grabbed me, I pulled from her and walked away grabbing my things, “We’ll see you all later.”


After leaving, we went straight to the David Geffen Orchestra hall, thousands were gathered, I left my wife’s side to prepare backstage with my students, Mr. Collins shook my hand, “Man this is awesome, the house is packed, we managed to get up to $45,000 for the arts.” He said, I nodded and went to the back and changed, I put my masquerade mask on, my students were nervous, “It’ll be fine you guys, we practice for this event, we got this.” I said

They slowly breathed, they knew the act, we would do the symphony together, and I would do my solo. The door was grimly similar to the one in my dream, within 20 minutes of getting ready, the announcer introduced us, and we walked in. Everyone applaud, the lights dimmed, I stood at the podium conducting the symphony, it was full of excitement, my students were doing such a fantastic job, not one note dropped, the symphony would last for a hour, my heart was pounding, not because I was afraid they would mess up, but because as I looked up clearly, I knew I wasn’t myself, all of the students disappeared and the boy with the mask on sat In the far left corner playing an unusual melody, that was heard over the music, it added a note that I was unfamiliar with, but it sounded very familiar to the note in my dream.

I ignored it, and continued with conducting, an unfamiliar voice ranged in my ear, “You owe a price to Satan.” I ignored the voice and continued with the show, after we were done with the first act, I was ready to do my solo. After a 10 minute break, we moved all of the instruments and chairs out of the way, the piano was in the middle of the stage, it was the exact one from my dream, my stomach begin to turn, and I felt myself losing air, I had to regain control, I breathed slowly to remind myself I left sleep for this. The audience returned to their seats, an I begin to play, everything was fine, until I looked into the audience, everyone disappeared, the light grew intensely bright, I closed my eyes and the boy I kept seeing had a piano in front of mine, he was playing the same unfamiliar tune.

I looked up and the orchestra hall was on fire, demons sat in the audience applauding, I closed my eyes playing at the height of my solo, sweat dripped from my forehead, my father sat beside me looking at my fingers on the piano, “Give it up son, come with me.” He insisted, all of a sudden, I seen what look like a man with goat hoofs, and horns with a suit on, “You will play for me for eternity, for this 10th symphony was the selling of your soul to defy the curse to surpass the 9th symphony, you will die like the rest, but because your father sacrificed your soul to me, you’ll die for eternity playing that same tune.” I begin to cry, the music was so beautiful, I didn’t wanna die, I didn’t wanna go to hell, but I wanted this feeling that was in me anytime I heard beautiful music.

“These hands are God hands.” I answered, Satan stepped back, the music got louder, the boy who had the phantom mask on and took it off, it was me, it was me behind the mask I had my mouth or bottom half of my face, I looked ghastly. I played the piano so well, as the other me revealed his identity I could see the decaying bones, as I looked at the demonic me, I played the same tune, over and over again. “It’ll be your soul, or the soul of your child that lives in your wife.” Satan said, I was distraught, I wasn’t going to make a deal with Satan, The smell of Sulphur had gotten stronger, a thick fog of darkness engulfed me, as my music begin to climax, and angel from heaven came from the ceiling, and stood in front of Satan, “He and his son are not to be touched, for those are the hands of God.” He demanded, Satan stood aghast, frighten. My soul was on the line, the angel turned to me which I could barely see, my father shunned away, “You had a gift, and completed your purpose, you spirit shall go above the heavens, you’ll play unique tunes with Beethoven, and many more great composers, you’ll be written in history, come with me, your child grows in your wife they'll be fine.” I grabbed the angels hand, as I closed my eyes, I saw the audience stand up with tears and applause loud, I jumped up, and was shot in the chest, then the face, I looked to who had shot me, the audience ran out, and the man who stabbed me stood at the top with the gun. I held my heart, not feeling anything, not feeling my soul, just seeing my wife stand above me crying desperately. “I completed it, the 10th…..symphony.”

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