Haunted House

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Bethany's great, great, great aunt leaves her a house but with restrictions attached. Her friends decide not to let her go through this alone. The three of them run into some unexpected things. We
should give up and go home. No way will I give up.

Submitted: July 31, 2018

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Submitted: July 31, 2018



We pulled up to the house on the night of the full moon. This made it easy to see the house and how to get

inside. I stood there at the old rusted iron gate with my two friends along side me. I reached out to open the

gate and just as I touched the gate there was a loud shreik. My friends jumped back with me attached. I said

it's just a cat and they both said how do you know that? I told them to look under the front steps and then the

cat came running out. Ok you two let's get our stuff and go inside.

As we walked up the creeky steps to the front door I felt a cold breeze blow across us. The girls were afraid but I wasn't and didn't know why. As we made our way into the livingroom I took a candle off the table and lit it.

The house lit up so we could see all around the room. There were a lot of antique furniture everywhere. Over

top ofthe fireplace were several pictures of her family. Then I lit another candle and was headed to the

basement to see if I could get the generater started. They both caming running behind me saying you're not

leaving us all alone up there. The steps creeked as we walked down them and I felt water around my ankles

once I set foot on the floor. The basement had flooded from the last storm a couple of days before. Well what

do we do now if we can't get the generater going and from the other side of the room a voice said I'll get it

going for you. The girls screamed and took off up the steps faster than superman. I shined my candle over

towards where the voice came from. Who are you I asked? I'm Tom the caretaker of the place and as soon as I

heard you were coming I came out to get the house ready. Well it's nice to meet you Tom.

I heard my friends hollowering from the top of the steps asking me if I was okay. I walked back up and told

them their ghost was a real man. He was there to help us. Just as soon as I got them calmed down it

thundered outside. It was loud and made the house shake. Tom came up after getting the generater started

and said that's unusual. We don't usually have this many storms this close. The lights came on and I told them

we can get started cooking now. Good I'm starving Dee said. You are always starving Dee. I don't know if we

brought enough food for all of us. Then we all laughed and Tom left. Once we had eaten it was time to find us a

room to sleep in. I will take my Aunt's room and you two can choice from the other three rooms. Dee said I

think we'll sleep together in the same room because it's safer that way. The storm was getting worse and the

lightening felt like it was in the house. There wasn't any rain coming down. It was just the thunder and

lightening. I didn't want to point that out because my friends were already scared enough.

Goodnight all and I headed to my room. A couple hours later I heard an awful noise and it took about two

seconds before they were in my bed beside me. What was that noise? I don't know but old houses make funny

noises. I didn't want to make it worse by telling them I was a little frightened too. Why don't we just go home?

Then we heard a voice say yes why don't you just go home. I sat straight up and said I'm not going anywhere. I

told you two I have to spend the night in this house or else I don't get the house. There must be someone who

doesn't want that to happen. Then we heard some screams coming from the attic and the girls were begging me to

leave. You two are more than welcome to go but I'm staying. Nobody is going to scare me out of this house. There

were ghostly noises after the screams. The thunder was getting louder and the rain had began to pour. I said

I've had enough and I got up to go take a look around. Following right behind me were my scared friends. I got

lights for us all and we headed to the staircase to go up to the attic. As we walked up the steps they creeked

letting whoever was up there know we were coming. Once I reached the top of the stairs I shined my light

around. The only we saw was some old junk. No one was up there and I said there must be a secret way out of

there. So we headed back downstairs where I was going to search for anyone. I spent two hours looking for

signs of someone. We couldn't find anyone. The voice started up again and that scared them even more. So

we sat in the livingroom while the lights flickered and the storm got worse. 

After a couple hours of this then it started showing itself to us. A ghost floated around the room and my

friends were hiding under their blankets. The ghost was real and I just couldn't get rid of it. What would we do

to get it to go away. I only had ten more hours to go and if I could manage to last out the ghost the house would

be mine. I decided to just ignore the ghost and maybe it would get bored of it. I then told my friends what I had

in mind. They agreed to go along with the plan and so we started right away. Within the first hour of ignoring

this ghost I could tell that the ghost seamed to be irratated. It began making the wind blow around the room

and the lightening was striking beside each of us. When we ignored that the ghost got angry. He really poured

it on thick by striking the lightening at each one of us. The girls were running from the lightening strikes and I

was just sitting there laughing at it. It was really hilarious watching my friends running from the lightening.

Evertime it struck that would yell and jump. I couldn't help myself. Finally I wasn't alone in my laughing. The

ghost was sitting right beside me laughing just as much. The ghost and I were having fun watching as my

friends ran from all the things the ghost was throwing at them. Finally I turned to the ghost and asked him to

stop it. He was relunctant to do that but he did it. They both hit the first chair that was close to them. As they

huffed and puffed they gave me an angry look. I knew it was because I was laughing at them but as I pointed

out thet could have stopped running as I did. Then we all laughed and It was then I talked to the ghost. He had

been haunting that house for over a hundred years. He told us that my great, great, great aunt let him do his

haunting without bothering him. They got along just fine and he would scare off anyone she didn't want there. I

asked why he wanted to try and scare me away? He said that he thought I would sell the house to the banker

who had always wanted to tear the house down and put up condos. Once the ghost realized that wasn't my

intention he and I worked out a deal that would satisfy us both. The rest of the night went by very peacfully. The

next morning just like clockwork the banker came by to make me an offer on the house. I turned him down and

told him there was no way he would get his hands on this house to turn it into condos. The look on his face was

priceless and he left in a huff. My friends and I left but not without promising to return. I felt like I had left the

house happy.



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