A Hymn for the Dying

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Submitted: July 31, 2018

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Submitted: July 31, 2018



A Hymn for the Dying



Your imperfections gone

In a moment

Your life bright

Even as

The smoke from your candle fades

It takes but a moment,

And that moment

Becomes a limboed forever

When you’re gone


There’s a kaleidoscope

Of grief

The facets of a million faces

Unique and all the same

So many


Of time

And death


Reflected and fractured across lives


Everyone talks of living a full life

But it’s your absence

That makes them hold you dear

Hold you tight

And refuse to let go

To release

Their sorrow

And regret

And loss

And love

From their eyes

Down to your silent chest

And in their shaking hands


And you were loved

And held

In your absence

And your life

Was treasured

For all that it was

And all that it was not


Each of these moments

Sing to me

Of the same song

An indescribable tune

That weighs the air

In the wake of grief


A hymn for the dying

A song for what was lost

Keening from the earth below

Where you’ll be laid to rest

Lamentations felt and heard

Sounding out into time


I hope your life was full

I hope you lived it

I believe you did

Because in the moments that I’m here

I see signs all around

And already see

Your absence there


So this

Is my hymn for the dying

A song to what was lost

To sing with that wordless melody

I feel

When you are gone

Which fills

The grief laden air

With potency

And loss

To you I raise my glass

And for you I bow my head

For those who cling

To your form

I lend my arms and my words

My hymn for the dying

My hymn to the dead


To a life lived


To those gone

© Copyright 2018 Avi Bryant. All rights reserved.