Blinker Kobold Returns

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This story started out to be about one type of Kobold but then it just changed direction all by itself (?). Almost as if someone was whispering in my ear; Nah, that's silly. Anyway, once I started
writing the story seemed to tell itself, and the ending came as a surprise to me. My thanks to Hullabaloo 22 for the introduction to this spirits called Kobolds.

Submitted: July 31, 2018

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Submitted: July 31, 2018



"Well, if it isn't my old friend, Blinker Kobold," said Gretchen Fritzelheimer, as she sat in her garden kitting.


Gretchen Fritzelheimer was the wife of Kender Morgan Fritzelheimer. She was also lady of the house and keeper of the vegetable garden at the Fritzelheimer Pig farm.

Being keeper of the vegetable garden was not a small task for the garden was extensive. Not only that, being Lady of the house meant house work to tend to.

Gretchen and Kender had three grown boys that helped Kender around the farm; so Gretchen had to cook and clean for everyone, all by herself. You see, Gretchen had no female children to help her around the house and garden.

Now Gretchen always said that she didn't need any help and the fact was that she was not a frail lady. No, Gretchen was a big strapping woman that could hold her own against the likes of most men. 

Her husband, Kender, was one hand taller and three belt notches wider than his blushing bride of 30 years.

But still the fact remained; Gretchen worked from sun-up to sun-down with little rest.

Gretchen had little rest, that is, until Blinker Kobold suddenly appeared.


It all started on a dark and stormy Monday morning. Gretchen opened the front door to throw the dishwater out and in ran this tiny man. He was dressed like a sailor.

The little man, not much bigger than a small child, raced over to the fireplace and removed all his cloths; which he hung around the fireplace to dry.


Then, before Gretchen could find words to object, he took Gretchen's shoulder shall from the back of her rocking chair and wrapped himself in it. Lastly, he seated himself in her rocking chair and lit his tiny pipe.

Gretchen shrugged her shoulders and tossed the dishwater out the door. And as she closed the door she asked the little man who he was.

After a puff on his pipe, he replied, "I am a spirit of ambivalent nature, a Kobold. As for a name, I use Blinker the seafaring Kobold; or just Blinker Kobold if you like.

The ship I was sailing on sank off your coastline; the storm outside was too much for her.

If it pleases Fraulein, I will help with her chores in exchange for room and board. I eat little and can sleep almost anywhere. If the Fraulein feels this is agreeable then the arrangement is final.

But mind you, I am a seafaring Kobold and shall leave again when a suitable ship comes to the nearby harbor."

Gretchen shrugged her shoulders again and asked, "What chores can a seafaring Kobold do? My house is not a ship and I have no sails to hoist or rigging to set."

The little man turned and looked at Gretchen with the look of amazement written all over his old-man face. Then with a smile he said, "I am a master at everything and anything. Show me what to do and how to do it, just once, and I will do it perfectly; it is a gift."



The days turned to weeks and the weeks turned to years, and Gretchen found Blinker to be a fine helper, an excellent companion, and a bit of a scamp when mischief was on his mind.

Blinker was not one to be criticized when criticism was not due. If he did a good job he required no thanks, but to be critical of his good work was not a good idea, even in fun.

One evening, when the Fritzelheimer family sat down to dinner one of the Boys, Candor, found a speck of bacon stuck to his plate. Deciding to tease his Mother he said, "I have a whole slab of bacon stuck to my plate! What did you wash these dishes with, bacon grease?" Then Candor and the other boys laughed until their Father pocked them with his fork to shut them up.

Unknown to them, Blinker had washed the dishes that day, all by himself. So when the gravy was being passed around Candor received the dish last. And wouldn't you know  that the last of the gravy found it's way into Candor's lap. What a mess he was.

Gretchen didn't approve of the prank done by Blinker, but she told her son that it served him right for being a tease. Then she refused to make him anymore gravy, a punishment worse that a hickory stick to the behind.



"It is a beautiful day today, after the morning chores are done let's go to the garden and watch it grow, just for a time. Shall we?” Gretchen said to Blinker while she scrubbed the last pot.

Blinker replied, “It’s one of my favorite pastimes and the right thing to do on a hot and sunny day."

So as soon as the last dish was dry, the towels hung, and the dishwater tossed in the flowerbed, off to the garden the two friends went.

As they set discussing the shapes of the clouds and what the shapes meant, along can the local Tinker by the name of Heinz Kettlemann.

“Guten Morgen,” Heinz yelled as he stopped his cart near the garden, "and how are you today Fraulein Fritzelheimer!"


***It should be noted that no-one can see Blinker except for Gretchen. This is an option Blinker chooses and Gretchen sees no reason for things to be any different.***


"Guten Morgen Mr. Kettlemann," Gretchen yelled back. "Come tell me what you have new to sell, and have some Apple-Cider as you do so. I think you will find it much cooler over hear in the shade."

After Mr. Kettlemann placed two pots along with a matching tea kettle on the garden table he looked for a place to sit. And it was not long before he settled himself into a yard chair.

Mr. Kettlemann wasted no time emptying half the glass of Apple-cider that Gretchen had just handed him.

"Now that is a cider worth drinking," Mr. Kettlemann said as he took another sip.

Gretchen stated, as she examined the blue and white, porcelain coated, cookware, "These are very pretty,"

Mr. Kettlemann replied, "They came all the way from the Orient and have just arrived on our shores.

It is by sheer chance that the vessel carrying them docked in Harbor City. It seems that the ship was caught in a storm and had need of minor repairs.

I persuaded the Captain to sell me two cases of fine cookware after several rounds of drinks and a well played game of chess. And you will be the first to own this matching set, Fraulein Fritzelheimer, that is, if you choose to buy them today.

Suddenly Gretchen heard Blinker whisper in her ear, "Ask the Tinker what kind of ship is anchored at the dock."

So Gretchen said to the Tinker, "You say the ship is at the dock? It must be a small ship to dock there."

Mr. Kettlemann laughed and then replied, "When was the last time you went into the city?"

Gretchen thought for a moment and laughed too. Then she responded by saying, "It must be ages because I can't remember when."

Mr. Kettlemann laughed again, then explained, "They have dredged the harbor and built bigger docks to accommodate larger ships, such as whaling ships.

Whaling is a big business now days, and the city wants to supply them with provisions.

Plus the city's business people wouldn't mind if those sailors spend some of their hard earned pay in the city, you know, while the ships were docked. A little shore leave never hurt anyone. 

Come to think of it, your husband would do well to have a talk with those that supply the ships, an increase in pork sales might come your way."

Gretchen replied by saying, "Thank you for the information, I will certainly tell Kender. He is always looking to enlarge the farm; we have three strapping boys who will marry soon and they will have families to feed.

Now tell me more about this ship, curiosity has hold of me."

The Tinker responded by saying, "Her name is the "East Wind" and she is the largest of the Galleons. In fact, she is one of the finest cargo vessels that I have ever seen."

With a sad face Gretchen asked, "Is the ship still at the dock?"

"Yes, repairs are being made," The Tinker replied, "and after she is shipshape she'll be on her way."

Gretchen knew what this meant, Blinker had a ship to ride and he would be leaving soon; sadness engulfed her.

But was not sad, Blinker was happy. Gretchen could tell because his spirit glowed with anticipation. It was the first time Gretchen had ever seen Blinker become a flame, he looked like a candle glowing in the dark.


Blinker Kobold left the house the very next day, it was a quick and tearful goodbye on both sides.

Gretchen thought that she would never see the mischievous little spirit again; but she was wrong and now he was back.


"Did your ship sink again?" Gretchen playfully asked Blinker. "And who is the friend that you have with you?"

Blinker replied with a sort of sadness in his voice, "This is Ingram and she asked me to accompany her so you would not become alarmed. She needs you to go with her now."

"And where would I be going?" Gretchen asked with the hint of a knowing on her face.

Blinker smiled and replied, "To a garden that blooms all the time and never needs weeding."

Then Gretchen asked, "Tell me, my dear Blinker, why would I be alarmed at such a prospect. Lead the way Ingram, I am weary and am ready to go.

Then Gretchen looked at Blinker for the last time and asked, "Will you be coming with me Blinker?"

Blinker replied, "I'm afraid not, my Gretchen. I have ships to sail, places to see, and friends to make. But know that you will always be my fondest friend, and this, my favorite garden."


 D. Thurmond / JEF


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