What you mean to me

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Submitted: July 31, 2018

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Submitted: July 31, 2018



What you mean to me


Why couldn’t I see?

See that you were suffering,

see that you were trapped in a valley

of darkness that you hid through feigned smiling.


I thought that with my own time with the darkness,

I would be able to see the signs

but when the cold grasp of sadness

wrapped around your neck, I still believed you when you said you were fine.


And now that the darkness has clouded your mind,

I can only imagine the lies it is telling you

and I’m begging the divine

to show you what is true.


Right now, you might be scared, you might think yourself a coward

but you woke everyday to face the same demons you faced the days before.

If that isn’t bravery, then I don’t know what is and even if I scoured

the whole world, I would never find a spirit as strong or as beautiful as yours.


This might not be something you want to hear

but it is something I have to say,

something that I have to make clear,

the things I plead to God when I pray.


I want Him to show that I love you, we all do.

You aren’t just some random person I befriended because I happened into your room

or that we only hung out because we were a part of the same crew

and I need you to know this before the dark whispers resume.


You’re the friend I go to when I need to hear the truth I can’t tell myself

because our friendship is so secure

that you will tell me what no one else

will because the idea of us not being friends isn’t something that we have to fear.


You were there when I was still in the darkness,

When all I wanted to do was to fight

against who I was. I was a mess.

But you were there when I finally saw the light.


If you were to look at the highlights of my life so far

then it would be filled with the nights

we would spend laughing at strange and bizarre

things that brought tears that blurred our sight.


To me. To us, you’re not someone who is replaceable.

You’re someone who I’d take a bullet for happily

and that is not something that is debatable.

To me. To us you are family.


I want to see you life a long life,

to see what adventures you pursue,

to see the lucky man who will get to call you his wife,

to see you find the happiness that is long overdue.

So that’s why you have to hang in there and get through this strife.

Because even in the farthest reaches of my mind, I can’t imagine a life without you.

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