Will of Iron

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Submitted: July 31, 2018

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Submitted: July 31, 2018



Will of Iron


Those who have met me know

I have a Will of Iron,

a Soul of Glass,

and a Heart of Embers.


My Will of Iron is the most obvious.

You can hear it in my voice

when I’ve made my decision

and nothing can be done to change my mind.


Or you can see it in my eyes

when I go into my own mind

to find solutions to all the problems

I face.


My Will of Iron is unmoving, unwavering.

It is unbendable and unbreakable.

It will never die.


My Soul of Glass is the hardest to see.

He is who I truly am,

but he has disappeared.

Buried beneath Lies. Shame. Hate. And above all Pride.


He was cracked; broken by other’s Lies and Hate

but he was stained by his own Pride and Shame.

Fearing that he would never be accepted,

he buried himself for he believed he was too fragile.


But, like the windows of the Church,

the Soul is most beautiful while in the light.


My Heart of Embers is impossible to see.

It can only be felt.

Those who are close can feel the heat,

while the distant only see a dying flame.


The Ember is kept hot enough to warm

those who are close

but cool enough to keep from burning

those who are held closest.


So, now you see,

this is why we can’t be together.

I’m just too stubborn, too broken, too timid.

A lot of work needs to be done before

I’m good enough for you.


So, take my Heart of Embers

and stoke it until it is burning bright

and roaring.

Then, walk through the blaze

and come out unburnt and unchanged


Uncover my Soul of Glass

from underneath all of my regrets and shame.

Bring him into the light

and hold him to the Sun,

showing me the beauty you see.


Go against my Will of Iron

with your own and shape it into a work of art.

You, who lit a fire deep within my heart.

You, who brought my soul out into the light and showed me beauty.

For You and only You, my Will of Iron

Shall Bend…


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