I'll Be There

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Submitted: July 31, 2018

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Submitted: July 31, 2018



I’ll Be There


“I’ll be there,”

I tell me girlfriend

about dinner with her parents

as I prepare a precious ring.


“I’ll be there for you,”

I tell my fiance

who’s dressed in white


“I’ll be there soon,”

I tell my wife

when she tells me

that we have fantastic news.


“I’ll be there any minute,”

I tell the, soon-to-be, mother of my child

as she strains in the hospital.


“I’ll be there for her,”

I tell my wife

as her line begins to flatten

and our daughter cries from the other room.


“Are you going to be there?”

My daughter asks

about her piano recital tonight.


“You better be there for her,”

I tell my daughter’s prom date

as he watches in awe

when she walks down the stairs in her dress.


“He says ‘He’ll always be there for her,’”

I say to the headstone

About my daughter’s fiance.


“Please take me there,”

I pray to the heavens

with tears and a weary heart

wishing to see her again.


“Stay here with me,”

my daughter pleads

as I feel my strength starting to fail.


“I’ll be up there with Mom

watching your happy family grow,”

I tell my daughter to reassure her,

to pass on the strength to carry on.


“You were there as long as you could be,

you kept your promise to me,”

my love says as we embrace in the end.


© Copyright 2018 H.S. Apollo. All rights reserved.

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