Lebron to the Lakers

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Submitted: July 31, 2018

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Submitted: July 31, 2018



So Lebron has left the Cavs and is off to the Lakers. Maybe now the NBA will have two different teams in the finals, the Lakers and whoever does alright in the east, only to be singlehandedly destroyed by Lebron himself. Maybe they'll lose to the Warriors, who just can't ever lose it seems. Steph Curry has proven he is as good, possibly better than Lebron. This is quite a testy subject with strong opinions. They're legends in their own rights. Lebron may be a legend, but he is a total diva. The Lakers ought to be ready to give queen Lebron what he wants at the drop of a coin, or be ready for the ensuing tantrum he will most likely have. 

Lebron will also now on his own carry the Lakers to relevance. Exactly like he did for the Cavaliers. The Cavaliers will now be irrelevant without him, being that Lebron made the Cavs what they were, and without them they will be nothing. I could be wrong, maybe we'll have the Cavaliers verses the Lakers in the NBA finals.

The Lakers could potentially become the new contender in the west to dethrone the Warriors, and bring them back down to earth, however unlikely that might be. If anyone could do it, bring the Warriors back to earth, it could be Lebron, with emphasis on the could. Maybe the eastern conference will get its shit together, and present a worthy foe for Lebron. It's a plausable idea, maybe it could happen, maybe it won't. Instead of a worthy foe for Lebron, only a solid team from the east will reach the finals, only to be completely annihilated by Lebron and the Lakers. 

Beside Lebron, what will the Lakers have going for them? Lonzo Ball and his diva headcase father. Luol Deng, maybe something? I doubt it. The Lakers no longer have Swaggy P Nick Young anymore, who could've provided at least some support to Lebron. Most likely, the Lakers will only be known for Lebron, and only good because of him. If he decides to up and leave again, the Lakers will be forgotten, just like the Cleveland Cavaliers almost certainly will be in the near future. 

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