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Movie reviewing.

Submitted: July 31, 2018

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Submitted: July 31, 2018



I am a major major fan of movies, I love love, adore movies. I have many favorites, to say the least. I will give you my takes on my favorite movies. 


The Strangers and The Strangers; Pray at Night

Two fantastic, amazingly done horror movies. My absolute favorites when it comes to horror movies. They are terrifying because they are realistic. Horror movies with ghosts and demons are just the same old crap that anyone could make. Horror movies like the Strangers are truly scary because of their realism.I have never enjoyed horror movies like "the Conjuring" or "Insidious." They are the same formulistic crap again and again (so is most of Hollywood to be honest). The realism of 3 masked murderers trying to murder you is terrifying, believable and exicting to watch. 

I Am Legend

A fantasitc post apocalyptic movie with a strong story and a not very heavy reliance on extreme scenes involving the infected darkseekers (or whatever they'd be called). Will Smith's acting job as Robert Neville is spot on, and well done. The movie is in its own right scary because of the lack of on screen time for the darkseekers, adding another layer to the movie as we explore Neville's insanity. Neville's insanity is another interesting layer to the movie. The movie's character development gets an A plus, because of the strong focus on Neville and his mental state. Even his dog Samantha is personified, at least in her own sense. I Am Legend also brings to life the Darkseekers, and their leader, but in a different sense than the human characters. The same can be said for Neville's dog Samantha. 

Wolf Creek and Wolf Creek 2 

Another amazingly done pair of horror movies. Wolf Creek brings to life psychotic Australian Mick Taylor. In my belief, John Jarret's Mick Taylor is truly the most terrifying movie psychopath, on par with Christian Bale's Patrick Bateman from "American Psycho." Wolf Creek is terrifying because of its realism, and lack of extreme gore. Movie series like Saw rely heavily on such scenes, which can take away from a movie's strong story or other good qualities. However, scenes of brutality like in both of the Wolf Creek movies are a must have. Mick Taylor's sheer brutality also adds to the horror, on top of his uncaring sadistic ways when chasing after tourists in the Aussie Outback. 


My personal favorite for superhero movies. Often times, in my view, superhero films become too gimicky and childish for a more broad audience to enjoy. While kids superhero movies like the Incredibles are amzingly done in their own right, a more broad superhero movie is needed. Watchmen does exactly this, appealing to a wider, more mature audience because of its darker themes and darker anti-hero characters such as Rorschach and the Comedian. I especially give major points to Jeffrey Dean Morgan's performance as the Comedian, incredibly interesting and very believeable. Because of Morgan's portrayal, the Comedian is the most believable character in the movie. The same can be said of Jackie Earle Haley's performance as Rorschach. 

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