The Red Carpet

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

In the mountains we have climbed, 

Venus stares into my eyes 

And for the moment you are here. 

In the moment you are fine. 

On the edge of nowhere, lost in space and time, 

Arms like orbs wrapped around mine.


I can’t come back from it this time. 

That’s where they’ll find me- laying on broken wings, 

Waiting for the moon to die, 

Chest ripped open, 

Heart still beating 

And oh so beautiful.


In the stars I see your face, 

Blonde and smiling 

And in this moment I am happy. 

You are so beautiful.


The darkness has defied us, 

Crept up from behind and took us all. 

In the night when we were safe and warm,

It found us in our broken home,

Ripped the bandage off that we had sewn.  

He took you from me.


Flying on a broken wing, 

We’re going down, 



I hear you call in Luna dreams. 

You were alive and well and oh so beautiful


I look like you, you know. 

Sometimes say the things you did. 

The small things remind me of the emptiness I hide. 

The end of our time was unthinkable, 

But he ripped a hole through my spine as he took away 

The moon and the stars of your final days.

We tore the sun from the sky as you flew away. 

It was blinding us from watching you go to your final place.  

A black hole has taken hold of my soul where you used to be, 

It’s growing inside and consuming me. 

But the stars within your eyes,

Within my mind will always be the same: 

Alive and well and oh so beautiful.


We’ll never know the bastards name that took you from me; 

He ripped the heart from my chest then he walked away. 

Drug it through the sky to paint your way as he took you from me.


I am empty and weak. 

I can’t feel at all or I’ll feel it all again. 

You were so beautiful.


In the mountains we have climbed, 

Venus stares into my eyes. 

I always find you here in the void; 

Your planets, like stars, they shine. 

They guide my way but it’s not my place. 

I’ll stay to watch you there,

Like the creep that needs you here.

On the edge of nowhere. 

Lost in the space of the cortex in my mind, 

Wondering the mountains we’ve forged. 

I want to stay here with you- this is my home. 

Night and day stay the same. 

That’s where they’ll find me: 

Laying on broken dreams, waiting for the pain to die. 

Chest ripped open, heart still beating. 

You were so beautiful.

Submitted: July 31, 2018

© Copyright 2021 J.M.Mason. All rights reserved.

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A painfully powerful read!

Wed, August 1st, 2018 8:09pm

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