Why We Sing

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Our Credence.

Submitted: August 01, 2018

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Submitted: August 01, 2018



Why We Sing


Tears come thick and fast,

It has been a very hard day.

My head slowly lifts,

As my eyes rise to the heavens.


Within me my heart still beats,

The fear that was, slips away.

My face is wet,

But somehow I find the words.


The Hallelujah rises

And as my voice breaks and cracks,

I care no longer who is around.

Heaven has come down in this moment.


I am surrounded by angels,

And the atmosphere is thick like honey.

Choirs of angels sing in unison,

Joining in on the Hallelujah

As my heart is opened before heaven.


The words do not have to come out right,

Sometimes it is only a sound.

A mixture of grief and praise.

This precious gift that I have chosen to give.


My heart cries out for Love,

As I am washed by the Presence of Heaven.

I am a child before a King,

With only my broken heart to give,

Yet it is what this Great King has desired.


My Lover and my Friend,

The One who has Loved me before I was.

I am broken but never despised.

How can it be that in this moment,

Love has chosen to come down, to be present and not far away.


I was the orphan,

The traitor and the terrorist.

A liar and a thief.

Yet still I am Loved Greatly by Jesus.


How can it be...

How can it be....

That the King of Heaven,

Would come down in human form

And die for a sinner such as me?


I know I have done wrong.

But He has washed me and made me clean.

So why do we sing?

We sing because we have been redeemed.


Our songs rise because death is defeated

And we have been ransomed from the grave.

We sing because Jesus is so worthy,

Eternally worthy of our praise.


I choose to sing because Jesus has comforted me,

Always I feel Him with me.

When things are bad,

I choose to sing because it reminds me,

That Jesus is my Victory.


We raise our songs to Heaven,

For Heaven has given us everything.

We sing with the angels,

For our hearts long for the eternal.


And finally we sing,

To remind Hell,

Jesus died, 

But He rose and is still alive today.

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