The Smiling Clown; Within the Mirror

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

A poem about the loneliness of a life spent at the expense of others. And just when you think you found the person to make life worth living, they trap you within their own little world; pulling at
your strings as you slowly fall apart.

Submitted: August 01, 2018

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Submitted: August 01, 2018



you once said

that he was the best

well now that time has gone

and he is stuck in the dawn

lets take a walk

through the looking glass

and share a laugh

take a breathe, hold it in

and lets begin

watch your step

this could be deep

see the darkness

the emptiness

oh, don’t frown

its very befitting of this clown

to find hurt in here

look at the boy on the wall

all flesh and bone

smiling as he finds himself alone

look at those beside him

they own the little toy

shattered mirrors

and flaming tears

cuts and scars

he is so far

continue now

this is just the cowl

look at the stairs

covered in blood

sleek they may be

but this is the part you find easy

i doubt he even fears the devil

never even close to the novel

winding down and down

keep smiling for the clown.

today is his seventeenth birthday

and still he will never say,

let the secret out once

and was forever a dunce

take the knife and cut his wrist

watch how he twist

as his flesh

turns into a bloody mess

take those eyes,

wont need them when he dies

don’t be frightened

he finds it all, and is enlightened

lets continue the spiral

we need to find the vial

the stings remain

look at all the pain

laugh with me now

this punishment is so fitting

oh, you find it blood curling

lets watch his final act

see the crack?

the mirror of this moral is broken

his final, bloody token

don’t turn away, his dear

nobody has ever been this near

look at him now, no?

doesn’t he look like a rotting crow

the last drop has fallen

and this is the true calling

you cant go back up

no, not now, this is the last cup

drink the blood

don’t waste a drop

he spilt it for you

like a million droplets of dew

love he lost.

isn’t this funny, love the only thing that could save him

and it was the very thing then slain him

he lays here dying

no longer crying

where you going?

you cant leave this hell

listen to the ringing of the bells

feel the enjoyment of the years

he tried to be the man for you

poor poor man, if he even knew

he should of moved on

instead, he took it all this dawn

he cared to much

well it was a weakness of such,

maybe a golden gift

that he couldn’t lift

now listen to his dirge

it sounds so beautiful

the crying of a man without a heart

smile, smile, this is all fine

watch as the rats begin to dine

no one really cared

and now, they wont need to act aware

smile, today he is dead

and you can sleep soundly in your bed

the poor clown

in flames he did drown

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