we’re not in abnegation anymore... CHAPTER ONE

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lila peterson is a 16 yr old living in the fictional world of the book divergent.

Submitted: August 01, 2018

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Submitted: August 01, 2018



 I walked along the dirt path on my way to school, and like always, I stayed silent and tried to be as unseen as possible. My grey skirt lifted up every time my feet moved my body forward, resulting in the dirt coming up making the ground blurry. I realized how fast I was walking because of this and tried to slow my pace down, as well as my heartbeat. Why? I was nervous for the Aptitude Test that was taking place today. Most 16 years olds in Abnegatioin end up staying but I know I definitely will not. I can't stand not being able to live freely and having to make sure everything I do is selfless and for the good of others. I mean, I'm a nice and polite girl, but to do this forever would be impossible for me entirely. My head is down looking at my feet, so I don't realize that I have already made it to the place where I am supposed to meet my best friend, Beatrice Prior. 

"Good morning Beatrice," I spoke. "Are you nervous for the test?" I looked up at her face as I finished and realized she had already given me her answer in her facial expression. "Only a little bit." She answered. She may have said that out loud but her lips and her eyes read differently to me. She was worried most definitely, even though she couldn't admit it. I guess we were more alike then I had realized. The rest of the walk to the school was silent and uneventful.

We walked up to the white and silver doors of the school building, holding it open for other students as they walked by. We are Abnegation of course, but not for long. When the steady flow of people had dwindled to barely anyone walking in, we made our way up the stairs to the seventh floor, where the tests were being held. As we made our way to the table where a few other people in our faction sat, we joined them and didn't talk, but just stayed there quietly waiting for our names to be called out by the administrators. We both had last names starting with "P" so we would most likely be called together. As I looked up I noticed there were 10 doors along the wall to my right from where I was sitting. That's where the test would be taking place. A few minutes later and some kids trickled out, slowly one at a time. When all 10 rooms were empty again, a man came out with a clip board and called out a couple names before finishing with, “Lila Peterson: room 8, Caleb Prior: room 9, and Beatrice Prior: room 10. Thank-you." He trotted off again to a back room and the other 7 people walked up to the doors the man called out. I studied the door in front of me, silver colour and obviously made out of a metal of some sort, with a large white number "8" bolted onto to it. It was intimidating to me because of how heavy and constricting it looked, which reminded me of the decision I had to make tomorrow. The door slid open a second later, and I peered through to see a women standing above a computer that sat on a desk, and next to that was a chair that looked like one in a dentist's office, except scarier.

I walked in further and realized that the room was covered from the floor to the ceiling in mirrors. I went closer to the mirror and inspected my face. Long blonde hair that got into my eyes most of the time, even while having it up in a bun, which framed my heart-shaped face. My eyes were a striking pale blue colour that looked like the sky in the morning, a small, and pert nose followed by somewhat chapped lips if I’m being honest. I would say that I was attractive if it weren't selfish and indulgent. I went to look more but I was interrupted by the women who was to be my test administrator. "Well, I know one faction that is ruled out automatically." She said rudely, but it didn't bother me at all. That's when I also realized what faction she was in. Dauntless, obviously, by her tattoos that covered both arms and piercings almost tracing each feature. "My name's Tori," she said after she realized I was staring at her tattoos. "You can take a seat if you're done looking like a deer in someones headlights.." She said looking at me expectantly, waiting for me to sit down in the scary chair. When I finally sat down she said, "Here, drink this." She handed me a vial of an ominous blueish liquid. "What is it? Does it taste gross?" I said while scrunching up my nose. "Drink up, and you'll find out." Tori said as she rolled her eyes. Before drinking it, I held it up to my nose to try and figure out as much as I could about it, but it had no scent, so I drank the whole thing and patiently awaited what would come next. The last thing I remember before I went under was Tori saying "Good luck." Then darkness struck.

I opened my eyes to revel the same room I was in moments before but without Tori or the computer. I sat up, resting my feet on the ground, waiting to get a steady footing, then stood up. I turned around and the chair was gone, replaced by me? A clone of some sort that then spoke and said "Choose." I turned around and saw two pedestals, one with a block of cheese and the other with a knife. I grabbed the knife right away knowing that it would protect me in more ways then the cheese would. I swung myself around when I heard faint growling in the background, and there about 20 feet away, was a snarling dog looking like it was about to attack. I felt my hands get sweaty, because I was nervous, and then the dog ran at me. I looked down at my hands and saw what I had to do. I brought my arm up and tried to get a good target so I could hit the dog. I let out a deep breath as I flicked my wrist and the knife flew out of my hand hitting the dog right between the eyes.

I smiled to myself feeling accomplished. "Puppy!" I heard a little girl yell, as I looked forward I saw a little girl and as she got closer she could see what had happened. "Why did you kill my puppy...?" She looked up at me terrified as she sat with her so-called puppy. "It ran at me and was going to attack so that's why I threw the knife at him, It was me or the dog. I'm sorry." As I finished talking the scene changed to what looked like a bus station that I had seen around the city a few years ago. I saw a train stop in front of me so I walked onto it trying to figure out what was going on. I sat down and then a man walked up to me and said "Have you seen this man?" Right then he had shoved a newspaper in my face, and I saw what looked like a wanted poster. "He is trying to kill me! Please anything you know could save my life!" I looked harder and realized the man looked familiar but I couldn't quite place him. "He looks familiar to me. I'll keep a look out, okay?" As the last word came out of my mouth I woke back up in the testing room. As I got up I looked over to Tori for the news of what my new faction would probably be, but I really wished I hadn't.

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