Engaged to the Unidentified

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

In the not very populated town of Lotus there is a big problem that everyone ignores. There is a string of disappearances that the town tries to sweep under the rug but not David Anderson, After
the disappearance of one of his best friends, Derek, He gathers up his friends and head to find out what is causing these disappearances.

The sound of heavy breathing and crackling leaves echos through the forest. A person is running. “Leave me alone! Please” the man says frightened. He sees a shadowy figure in the trees. The creature has long razor like claws, glowing white eyes and has long and skinny arms and legs. He lets out a desperate scream for help.

The school bell rings “Man, I’m going to be late again” said a taller scrawny boy with long hair.

“Don’t worry about it David it’s just the warning bell, We have plenty of time” a shorter girl with long black hair with a red streak in it says.

“Yeah don’t worry about it, what you scared that you’re not going to be able to see that HOT math teacher you have” a normal sized boy with short hair says sarcastically. David and the girl elbow him in the stomach.

“Yeah like I should listen to you Chase, you’re late to almost every class” David stated

“Hey! What about Roxanne, she is late to almost as many classes I am.” Chase states pointing at Roxanne

“Can you blame me I have small legs I can’t run to every class” Roxanne jokes and everyone laughs. The bell rings

“SHIT!!!” They all yell simultaneously as they rush to class. They all sit in class bored out of their minds so i’m going to skip this moment. The same loud riiiiiing is heard. It’s lunch time. The crew sits at their lunch table and chats.

“Class was so boring” David said


“Hey where’s Derek?” David asked

“I don’t know” claimed Roxanne

“Me neither” Said Chase “Didn’t he go on a camping trip or something?” questioned Chase.
“Yeah but he was supposed to come back today.” David said “and his parents didn’t see him come home last night” David said nervously

“Dude calm down, maybe he stayed another night or something.” Chase said cooly

“Yeah, I have to agree with Chase” Roxanne started “I would probably stay another day if it meant not going to school for another day.” Roxanne stated even cooler than Chase.

“ But Derek would never do that without---” A tall blonde girl slams her lunch tray on the counter and sits down.

“ Sup guys” the girl says happily

“Nothing Hayley just David being paranoid” Chase says mockingly.

“You know, what that’s it!” David yells. “I know there is something wrong here, there’s something wrong with this town and I can prove it” David angrily storms away. “Why won’t they believe me!” David screams to himself. “There’s something wrong with this town but I can’t prove it alone.”

“I hear you need help.” a kid with broken glasses says pushing them up to the bridge of his nose. “I can be that help.” he says confidently.

“Thanks but who are you?” David questions.

“I am the knight in shining armour of your operation” the kid starts. “I am the hero with no face. I am Tyler Jordan Perkins.” Tyler says. “But my friends call me TJP”

“Friends?” David says doubtfully. Tyler is silent

“Okay I call myself TJP but that’s not the point.” The nerd/Tyler starts “I’m here to help you on your mission. I also noticed something strange with this town. I studied it and I think there are secrets that even this school is hiding. It may be in the basement, but I don’t know how to get down there.” Tyler states

“I may have one idea” David says smiling widely.

“What?” Tyler questions. David slowly walks toward Tyler with his fist clenched

The office door slams open. “Hello, my friend hurt his leg and he is having trouble walking.”  David says faking a scared expression on his face. Tyler is holding his leg with many tears streaming down his face.

“I didn’t agree to this.” Tyler winces under his breath.

“Okay take your friend to the elevator to go to the nurse.” The secretary says.

“Thank you.” David said nicely. They both walk to the elevator.

“Why did you do that!” Tyler yells still sobbing.

“Calm down, I punch you in the leg so we have an excuse to go on the elevator.” David explains. “The elevator leads to the basement” David says. David knows this because he broke his leg and had to use the elevator. They get in and go to the basement.

“I’m sorry but you have to find it on your own.” Tyler says. “I actually need to go to the nurse” Tyler says and sniffles. Tyler presses the button to the 2nd floor and leaves.

“Wimp” David says under his breath. David searched for a long time. He searched high and low, but he finally found a box with a photo of a pale figure with beady eyes and long sharp claws.

“I found it!” David exclaims

“You lost it haven’t you!” Chase yells. David told his friends to meet up after school after his discovery to show them.

“You went to the basement and missed more than half of your classes.” Roxanne says. “I think your going a little crazy.” she says worryingly.

“Yeah dude,” Hayley says. “I don’t know what this is about but you are more obsessed with this than you are with anime” she says worried.

“Not true! Nothing beats my love for my anime, not even my parents.” David yells. “But this is different, this is about Derek this is about all of the disappearances in our town, think about it” David convinces. “But call me crazy after you read this.” David whips out the box filled with notes.

“What’s that!” Everyone (except for David. Obviously)

“These are notes about a monster that has caused all of the disappearances in our town” David explains. He opens the book. “Here look read this.” David demands. The book is covered in sut and partly burned at the corner but still readable.

The book reads a cryptic message saying “He is the monster in all of us he feeds off our fear. He lurks the Lotus Creek. When it screams it makes your ears bleed. He can make you disappear in a moment, it’s unworldly. It’s a rake. If you're reading this don’t try to save your lost ones their gone. You can’t stop it you won’t win no matter how hard you try it always comes back.”

Tears stream down the faces of the group “Derek” Roxanne cried the loudest.

“What is this!” Chase demands a response.

“This is a reason why we have to kill this thing” David says filled with confidence.

“No! I can’t do this we can’t do this!” Chase yells. “You’re crazy, you’re going to get us all killed! You know what I’m out.” Chase packs up and gets ready to leave.

“Chase, wait” David yells after him. He grabs Chases by the shoulders. “Chase I know you’re scared. We’re all scared” David states. “But we need to do this, for Derek.” Chase is crying.

“Ok i’m in.” Chase says.

“I’m in” Roxanne says

“I’m in”Hayley say

“Great!” David exclaims “But we’re gonna need some help.”

They arrive at the forest with Tyler

“Okay we have to find the creature” David says. He put a piece of goat from Chase on a bear trap. Quickly, the bear trap closes.

“Did we get it that fast” David says happily. It’s not the creature in the bear trap it’s a teddy bear but it has a note attached to the head of the now destroyed stuffed animal. David pulled off the note and it said,

“Always look out for your friends” David is creeped out.

“Where’s Tyler?” Roxanne asks. They hear a loud scream. They all run towards the scream and see a pale figure. They see it’s mouth open wide.

“COVER YOUR EARS!” David screams. Everyone closes their eyes in fear and covers their ears. The screech was loud and painful even with their ears covered. They opened their eyes and the creature is gone but there’s a tree with a long scratch mark on the bark and a paper.

The paper has the team of teens and … Derek. It has Derek and Tyler’s faces crossed out. This. is. Disturbing. They all hold the urge to vomit. They turn the page and see.

“YOU’RE NEXT” Oh my god. Then they feel drops of rain, but it’s not rain, it’s blood! They look up to see Derek and Tyler’s dead bodies dripping blood.

The whole gang lets out a scream.

“Oh my god” Roxanne starts crying and vomits.

“YOU KNOW WHAT” David screams. “YOU WANT ME COME AND GET ME” David yells and runs to Roxanne he gives he a gun.

“But, wait, what are you…” Roxanne gets cut off with a kiss from David. He gives her a gun, and a walkie talkie

David smiles and runs to a abandoned warehouse. He stands in the middle of the warehouse.

“Come at me you beast.” David yells. The creature runs fast around the warehouse growling. The creature runs past David  and scratches him. Then again. Then again. The creature then runs right at David. David doesn’t move. The creature them screeches. David is wearing earplugs. The creature is now face to face with David only it is latched on with a bear trap. He talks into the walkie talkie.

“Roxxy now!” David runs away.

“One shot” Roxanne says “Guess who’s next bitch” She then shoots the gun and the bullet hits a propane tank surrounded by more tanks. A big explosion now occurs sending David flying.

“David NO!” Roxanne yells running to David’s lifeless body she holds his body crying.
“David- I love you” she says crying as she kisses him on the lips and starts to leave with the others.

“*Cough* *Cough* ughhhhh” They hear something. “I love you too Roxanne” David says laying on the floor. Roxanne runs over to David crying and hugs him. “Is it over, is the creature dead?” David asks.

“Yes, it’s dead for good.” Roxanne assures him.

“Good” David says.

It’s been two months since the death of Tyler and Derek and their funerals happen two days from now. David and Roxanne has started dating. Tyler is now known as a wimpy hero (good enough I guess.) Chase is now a varsity soccer player ready to graduate high school, and Hayley is now a fab fab fabulous singer and flunked out of school. They are all still great friends and remember the ones they lost-.

Deep in the forest where the old abandoned warehouse is where the alien’s body lays dormant, a bright light shines.


Submitted: August 01, 2018

© Copyright 2021 [Name Redacted]. All rights reserved.

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